Hello Suki Time Thai Kitchen!

When I first spotted the newly opened Suki Time Thai Kitchen, my curiosity was quite peeked. I am a big fan of Thai food and am always on the look out for good Thai places.


I was further intrigued upon hearing that not only did their menu have traditional Thai dishes like Satay and Panang but it also had Thai hot pots!


With Thai food and hot pot offerings, it did not take long for me to check this place out!

It was a cloudy day the day I went so hot pot seemed perfect. The hot pot here comes in two ways. The first was is as a food set for solo eaters. The second way is family style for groups. Although I came with a friend, we chose to get a food set so that we could try another Thai dish with our meal. The food set comes with a bowl of vegetable, choice of rice (white or brown), regular soup and choice of meat platter (USDA Prime beef, USDA choice beef, pork, white chicken breast and vegetable).

For the food set, I chose to get the regular soup which is a mixed vegetable soup and white chicken breast. The waiters brought out the broth and meat along with a bowl filled with mixed seasonal vegetables for us to cook at our table. This is one of my favorite things about hot pot! I love being able to see the cooking of the pot right in front of me.


To accompany the hot pot, Suki Time Thai Kitchen has different sauces for the dipping of the meat. The sauces were all at the Sauce bar. They had different sauces like Thai peanut sauce, chili sauce and even a crying tiger sauce.


They also had offerings of cilantro, red onion, green onion and garlic to add to the soup and to enhance the flavor even more.


My favorite of all the sauces and garnishes was the peanut sauce. It’s a little sweet and adds a different kind of flavor to the soup.


The mixed vegetable soup, white chicken breast, various veggies, garnishes and sauces all came together to make a hearty hot pot.


Alongside with the hot pot, I got to try their Pad Thai. It’s stir fried noodles with chicken, their special Suki Time sauce, peanuts and sprouts. The noodles were very long and soft and the chicken very lean.


Last but not least I got a complimentary Thai Milk Tea. It was refreshingly sweet drink and perfect accompanying drink for the meal.


I loved how this place gives a taste of Thailand through both traditional dishes like Pad Thai and drinks like Thai Milk tea and through not so traditional dishes like Thai Hot Pot. The hot pot is something different. It has the same good Thai flavor but not through a dish that is typically seen at Thai restaurants. I like how you even have the choice of making the hot pot with Thai broths of Tom Yum and Pok Tok too.

Suki Time Thai Kitchen’s offerings of Thai Hot Pot and traditional Thai dishes made me smile.

For more smiles, please see my recent Yelp review on Suki Time Thai Kitchen


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