Hello Thai Thani!

Here it goes…I’m about to reveal one of my favorite restaurants ever. Drum roll please…Thai Thani in Redondo Beach.

I have loved this restaurant ever since I was a little girl. From lunches with my parents to dinner celebrations, this Thai restaurant has always had a special place in my heart and remains to be my favorite place for Thai food.

Lunch is my favorite time to go here because their lunch specials come with either salad or soup. I love their salad because it comes with their own housemade dressing. The salad dressing is oh so creamy. I often have a hard time choosing between salad or soup because their soup is delightful is so well. The soup that they offer is a wonderfully light and comforting soup filled with wontons and bok choy. The wontons are filled with ground chicken.

There are two particular dishes that I always love getting here. My first favorite dish is their Stuffed Chicken Wing. It is a boneless chicken wing that is stuffed with pork, chicken, onions and glass noodles. It comes with two dipping sauces, a sweet and sour sauce and a cucumber sauce. The cucumber sauce is a like a little mini salad because it has mixture of onions and peanuts. I simply love the fried chicken wing because it is perfectly crispy. The stuffing inside is so fulfilling. The chicken is perfectly paired with fried rice.


My other favorite dish at Thai Thani is their Pad Thai. I’ve tried many Thai restaurants but Thai Thani for me has the best Pad Thai. The flavor of the Pad Thai here cannot be beat. The noodle dish has soft noodles and is topped with a great mixture of shrimp, baked tofu, bean sprouts and crushed peanuts. Wonderful flavor and texture, these noodles are always a must for me when I come here.


I love this place as you can see via this blog post and via my previous Yelp reviews and hope to have many more smiley lunches and dinners here in the future.


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