Hello Happy Lemon Gardena!

Happy Lemon = Happy Hello Kitty Foodie!

Happy Lemon is a happy tea shop that has over 500 branches in the world. From Asia to the UK to the US; Happy Lemon has been bringing smiles all over. Now the latest branch to open in the US is in Gardena, California! Located at Pacific Square and right next to my favorite store, Sanrio Surprises is Happy Lemon.

Just recently I visited the newest Happy Lemon location in Gardena. Walking in, I instantly couldn’t help but feel happy. The interior is bright with happy shades of yellow.

 The happiness continued as I looked at their drink menu. It has several selections of different Milk Tea, Black Tea, Tea, Green Tea and Oolong Tea. It was true happiness indeed.

Being that they are well known for the Salted Cheese Tea series, I chose to get one of their Salted Cheese Tea drinks. My chosen happy drink was the Milk Tea with Oreo and Tiramisu Salted Cheese.

Once you order your drink, they give a small little lemon token for your order. It’s super cute and matches the theme of their cafe perfectly.


All drinks here are made fresh to order. One can also customize their sugar and ice percentage too.


When my drink came out, I was pleased to see a lovely milk tea filled with lots of oreo crumbles. There are sprinkles of oreo both inside and on top of the salted cheese.  The salted cheese is right on top and there’s a special way to try this out. For the salted cheese drinks, the best way to drink it is at a 45 degree angle so that with each sip you get some cheese and tea.


The Milk Tea with Oreo and Tiramisu Salted Cheese is one unique and tasty drink. The uniqueness definitely is because of the salted cheese. It’s bit of salty with a bit of sweet and adds a nice touch to the oreo milk tea. The oreo flavor was indeed present in the drink along with a touch of tiramisu. Refreshing and not too sweet, it was a happy treat for a happy afternoon.

Alongside with offering delicious drinks, this new Happy Lemon also offers Sunmerry Bakery treats. Sunmerry Bakery specializes in fresh Asian pastries and desserts. For a limited time, Happy Lemon Gardena is offering a free Strawberry Hokkaido Cake (with drink purchase) when you follow or like them on Instagram or Facebook.


Happy Lemon drinks and Sunmerry Bakery treats are sure to make you smile! For more smiles, be sure to check them out as well as see my latest Yelp review on Happy Lemon Gardena.


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