Hello American Tandoor!

Whenever I’m traveling, I’m always on the look out for some of the best cuisine that each city I visit has to offer. Just recently, I had the pleasure at dining at one of the best Indian restaurants in Tysons Corner, Virginia when I found American Tandoor.


Located at the Tyson Corner Center mall is American Tandoor.  American Tandoor specializes in Indian cuisine with a twist. Their menu has traditional Indian cuisine as well as dishes that have the influences of contemporary American and Asian cuisine.

During my trip here, I started off with a lettuce wrap, an appetizer that is normally found in an Asian restaurant. Here at American Tandoor they give lettuce wraps a whole new look via their offering of Seekh Kebab Lettuce Wraps.


The Seekh kebab lettuce wraps consist of two romain leaves topped with ground chicken kebabs and mango mayo. On the side is fresh mint yogurt for dipping. I have always loved lettuce wraps at Asian restaurants but American Tandoor’s version, simply blew me away! The large serving of tender ground chicken kebabs that was drizzled with mango mayo was pure perfection. The fresh mint yogurt gave it even more creamy pizazz.

Soon after the Seekh kebab lettuce wraps, I tried another fusion dish here via the Singapore noodles.


The Singapore noodles have chicken, cabbage, scallions on top of rice vermicelli. It is a mild noodle dish with plenty of ingredients. My favorite was the large pieces of chicken. This Indo-Chinese dish is good for those looking to try American Tandoor’s take on a Asian classic with Indian influences.

My favorite dish of all on my visit here was their butter chicken.


The word amazing does not even give this dish justice but it truly was amazing. The butter chicken consisted of tender pieces of chicken in mildy spiced creamy curry sauce. Known traditionally as Murgh Makani in Indian cuisine, this dish has now become my favorite Indian dish. Ever single ingredient of this dish from the yogurt and spice marinated chicken to the creamy red sauce made of butter, onions, ginger and tomatoes just came together to make the most pleasing main entree ever.

The butter chicken chicken on top of their basmati rice was awesome.


I enjoyed the butter chicken with the basmati rice so much, the waiter even gave me basmati rice to go! It was that good.

I am very pleased to have dined at American Tandoor during my trip to Tysons Corner, Virginia. Their take on Indian cuisine with an American influence is simply superb and their butter chicken is the best. This restaurant goes in my book of one of the most memorable dining places I have visited on the East Coast.


For more smiles, please see my recent Yelp review on American Tandoor.


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