Hello Dolcezza!

During my recent business trip to Virginia, I could not help but pay a visit to Dolcezza. Dolcezza is a popular gelato and coffee spot that first opened it’s door in Georgetown in 2004 and has since made it’s way to opening more shops around the Washington DC/Virginia area. I visited the shop at Virginia’s Mosaic District in Fairfax, Virginia.

Dolcezza’s roasted coffee beans is sourced from Stumptown Coffee Roasters. Their menu consists of a variety of different espressos and coffees. The one that caught my eye was the Dulce de leche. I’ve always been a fan of dulce de leche beverages and was eager to see Dolcezza’s version of one of my favorite drinks.


When my drink came out I was quite pleased to see it had a pretty design. I’ve always found it so fascinating when baristas can creatively make art out of micro foam and loved my simple, pretty latte art design.

If I was in love with the latte art, I soon found myself to have to have a coffee crush on the dulce de leche drink itself.  The latte was rich and bold  and I could taste the mix of  espresso and steamed milk. The dulce de leche taste is mixed into the espresso and the rich flavor is infused into the drink. It’s a perfect pick me up beverage.

Alongside the dulce de lehce latte, I chose to get a alfajores treat. They have two versions of alfajores at Dolcezza; one  filled with raspberry jam with lemon and the other filled with caramel. Since I was already having a caramel treat with my Dulce de leche latte, I chose to get a alfajores with the raspberry jam with lemon.


With it’s soft, delicate and flaky exterior filled with a tart raspberry, I found this shortbread cookie to be quite delightful. It crumbled and simply melted in my mouth. It paired well with my dulce de leche latte.

I found it quite relaxing to enjoy a ducle de leche latte and alfajores here at Dolcezza. It was very nice to just have some downtime to enjoy a nice  day in the Mosaic District.  With a warm beverage and tasty treat, I was full of smiles that evening, thanks to Dolcezza!.


For more smiles, please see my recent Yelp review on Dolcezza


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