Hello Sisters Thai, The Ordinary Cafe!

Hello Sisters Thai, The Ordinary Cafe!


Sisters Thai, The Ordinary Cafe in Fairfax, Virginia is far from being ordinary.


Walking in, I could not help but be intrigued. There is a giant movie marquee with the restaurants name.


One wall is filled with books, making the cafe look like a little bookstore.


The place just has an overall cute, unique and homey vibe. This theme somewhat even overflows to the menu as the menu consists of a variety of traditional homestyle Thai cuisine as well as interesting Thai street foods.

To start off my meal, I chose to get the Angel wings.


I have always been a fan of angel wings. Here at Sisters Thai they had three chicken wings stuffed with ground chicken, glass noodles and veggies. There was sweet chili dipping sauce on the side. Golden deep fried and perfectly crisp on the outside, this appetizer was delightful! The chicken itself simply came off the bone. The filling was well seasoned and every bite was just heavenly. This appetizer truly was an angel.

After the Angel wings, I tried the Drunken Noodles with beef.


This was one spicy dish. The flat noodles were topped with plenty of beef mixed in with some spicy chili peppers, basils and jalapeños.It’s one very flavorful dish sure to bring a bit of fire to your mouth.

To offset, the heat of this dish, I had an order of Yellow Curry with chicken.


I am a big fan of curry. I find the complex combinations of spices and herbs to make this creamy creation so delightful. Sisters Thai does a good job with their curry. There was plenty of thick, curry sauce with tender pieces of chicken, sliced carrots and potatoes. I was quite pleased with putting all this curry over the white rice. It was very fulfilling.

I really enjoyed dining at Sisters Thai, The Ordinary Cafe. As I mentioned in the beginning of this blog post, Sisters Thai is far from ordinary. The overall atmosphere is intriguing yet comforting. Their food is traditional yet distinct in taste. It was no ordinary day for me when I dined here.

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Hello Dolcezza!

Hello Dolcezza!

During my recent business trip to Virginia, I could not help but pay a visit to Dolcezza. Dolcezza is a popular gelato and coffee spot that first opened it’s door in Georgetown in 2004 and has since made it’s way to opening more shops around the Washington DC/Virginia area. I visited the shop at Virginia’s Mosaic District in Fairfax, Virginia.

Dolcezza’s roasted coffee beans is sourced from Stumptown Coffee Roasters. Their menu consists of a variety of different espressos and coffees. The one that caught my eye was the Dulce de leche. I’ve always been a fan of dulce de leche beverages and was eager to see Dolcezza’s version of one of my favorite drinks.


When my drink came out I was quite pleased to see it had a pretty design. I’ve always found it so fascinating when baristas can creatively make art out of micro foam and loved my simple, pretty latte art design.

If I was in love with the latte art, I soon found myself to have to have a coffee crush on the dulce de leche drink itself.  The latte was rich and bold  and I could taste the mix of  espresso and steamed milk. The dulce de leche taste is mixed into the espresso and the rich flavor is infused into the drink. It’s a perfect pick me up beverage.

Alongside the dulce de lehce latte, I chose to get a alfajores treat. They have two versions of alfajores at Dolcezza; one  filled with raspberry jam with lemon and the other filled with caramel. Since I was already having a caramel treat with my Dulce de leche latte, I chose to get a alfajores with the raspberry jam with lemon.


With it’s soft, delicate and flaky exterior filled with a tart raspberry, I found this shortbread cookie to be quite delightful. It crumbled and simply melted in my mouth. It paired well with my dulce de leche latte.

I found it quite relaxing to enjoy a ducle de leche latte and alfajores here at Dolcezza. It was very nice to just have some downtime to enjoy a nice  day in the Mosaic District.  With a warm beverage and tasty treat, I was full of smiles that evening, thanks to Dolcezza!.


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Hello Four Sisters!

Hello Four Sisters!

I recently was on business travel to Virginia and whenever I’m out of town, I look for good places to try out. With over 780 Yelp reviews, Four Sisters Vietnamese Restaurant in Falls Church, Virginia, instantly caught my eye. With a little more research, I found out that Four Sisters has been a staple eatery in Northern Virginia for over two decades. It was originally located in Eden Center, a Vietnamese shopping center in Falls Church, Virginia before moving to the Mosaic District. After reading, so many good things, I knew Four Sisters was a place I definitely wanted to try.  I found myself there during my first evening in Virginia.


Located at the corner of the Mosaic District, it was not hard to find Four Sisters. The restaurant has a mellow yellow hue theme, cherry wood furniture throughout and several colorful paintings around. It had a classic, welcoming atmosphere that set the tone for a lovely dinner.

To start of the evening, I had the crispy pork spring rolls.


These spring rolls turned out to be my favorite item of the night! I loved the overall wrapper that they used. These egg rolls had a nice crisp exterior that gave the perfect crunch when biting into it. Inside the egg roll was a generous filling of pork and vermicelli noodles inside. I always am a fan when egg rolls have the vermicelli noodles in it. The long silky noodles give that extra melt in your mouth feel.

After the egg rolls, I got to try their Vietnamese Sweet and Sour Tamarind Soup with shrimp.


This was a sweet and sour soup filled with pineapple, bell peppers, tomato, jalapeño and shrimp. Despite having a lot of jalapeños, this was actually not a spicy soup at all. It was also very much more on the sweet side versus the sour side and this could be because of the bits of pineapple that could be found throughout the soup.

Up next was the caramelized pork in clay pot.


My palate was treated to some sweet and savory pieces of tender pork. The pork reminded me somewhat of Chinese chashu pork. It had the same sweetness to it that could be found in chashu. This dish goes very well with white rice.

Last but not least for the entrees I got to try  was the tofu sautéed with vegetables.


I found this to  be a good vegetarian dish and liked the variety of vegetables included. There was broccoli, carrots, snow peas and bok choy. It’s a very simple entree yet nice in flavor. It was another entree that paired well with white rice.

Overall, I found Four Sisters to be a restaurant that offers a good variety of Vietnamese dishes. They offer traditional Vietnamese appetizers and soups, savory meat entrees and healthy vegetarian dishes that all have a distinct quality and taste. It is not hard to see why Four Sisters is a place well-known in Virginia because there is a dish here for every type of tatsebud!

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(P.S I am Yelp review #786 😉