Hello Superba Food and Drink @ The Point!

What defines happy? Breakfast or lunch? Have you ever had those moments where you don’t know whether you want breakfast for lunch or lunch for breakfast. If you’re always in that brunch mood where you can’t decide, then the newly opened Superba Food and Drink at The Point is the place for you!

Superba Food and Drink is the latest of the eateries to open up at El Segundo’s The Point. It’s a nice new spot that has a full bar, open kitchen and bakery! They offer brunch every day up (up to 3pm on weekdays and up to 4pm on weekends).

Their morning/lunch menu is split into two sections “Breakfasty” and “Lunchy.”

The “Breakfasty” menu consists of a variety of different egg dishes. From scrambled to sunny side to poached, egg lovers are sure to fall in love with their “Breakfasty” menu.

The “Breakfasty” menu I chose to try is one of the favorites of many here at Superba Food and Bread.  I chose the Hangtown Fry.




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