Hello Mrs. A. Hanoi Pho!

Mrs. A. Hanoi Pho is a brand new restaurant in Torrance, CA specializing in Northern Vietnamese cuisine. In a city full of various restaurants, how does one differentiate itself from the others. Mrs. A. is one that clearly is out to show that they have what it takes to be impressive and different.


Walking in, I was instantly impressed. The restaurant is very clean and nice. There are pretty pastel jade trees all over and beautiful circular lanterns hanging from above.


One area of the restaurant has a flat screen tv showcasing all of the dishes offered by the restaurant.

Unlike other restaurants that has many offerings, Mrs. A only has five specialities. One being their pho, three dishes being rice dishes and one being a roll appetizer. The choice to only have five entrees can be seen as a testament to having the best quality of dishes. All of their foods are fresh made daily. There is no MSG and no artificial ingredients.

The waiter mentioned there most popular dish is the #2.) Mrs. A. Hanoi Pho. It is a pho done the Northern Vietnamese way. It consists of medium rare Angus beef in traditional Hanoi beef broth.


I found this pho to be very interesting because unlike pho served at other restaurants, there were no bean sprouts served with it. According to the server, this is how pho is commonly served in Vietnam. I love how they didn’t go with the mainstream way of doing pho! Their version of pho is great! The noodles were fresh. The Angus beef was of good quality and lean. The broth tasty.

The second dish that I got to try here was  the #3. Mrs. A. Cube Steak. This dish consisted of Angus Beef Cube served with rice and vegetables.


I liked this dish a lot! The Angus beef similar to the meat in the pho was of the best quality. It was tender and lean. It was well seasoned and I loved the sauce that it was marinated in. There was a sweet sauce that was on the side for dipping but the beef was perfect without it. The side vegetables was similar to a cole slaw.

The pho and beef dish are awesome but I have to say one of my favorite offerings was their black iced tea. This black iced tea is amazing! It tastes like Thai tea but without condensed milk. It’s perfectly sweet and refreshing. I’ve never had tea like this and this definitely has to be one of the best iced teas I’ve ever had.


Mrs. A. Hanoi Pho is a wonderful addition to the South Bay.  It’s great that they decided to go with introducing Northern Vietnamese cuisine. Their offerings from the food to the drinks are different and delightful and sure to bring smiles to all who visit.

Fore more smiles, please read my Yelp review on Mrs. A. Hanoi Pho.


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