Hello Kitty Yoplait

I had heard Yoplait was offering a special Hello Kitty yogurt line this year but didn’t have the luck of finding it anywhere but thanks to Hello Kitty Con I finally had a chance to try it out!
Yoplait was there offering free samples of their very cute Hello Kitty yogurt to the Hello Kitty Con attendees.

The first flavor they offered was the Friendship Berry!

This was a delightful blueberry yogurt. I loved the overall creamy texture and the tart taste.

The second flavor they gave out was Super Duper Strawberry!

I loved this one too. It has the sweet taste of strawberries.

Overall what I noticed was that both yogurts had a more thick consistency over the regular Yoplait yogurt. It had a consistency that is in between the regular yogurt and the greek yogurt. It was different and I liked it. In my personal opinion, it tasted better too….but hmm could I just be bias just because it is Hello Kitty themed (*wink*).

Hello Kitty yoplait yogurt definitely brought smiles to this Hello Kitty foodie!


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