Hello Kitty Spam Musubi!

It’s hard to believe that just a couple ago, I was at the greatest event ever, Hello Kitty Con. As seen in my previous blog post there was definitely a lot of Hello Kitty Foodie discoveries there. All the kawaii sights of hello kitty food definitely inspired me to add a little more kitty in my future food creations.

One of the cutest food delights I saw was the Hello Kitty spam musubi. I found myself quite intrigued on how to make such a cute dish. It turns out it’s a pretty simple process thanks to a special limited edition hello kitty spam musubi kit from Spam. They offered these kits at Hello Kitty Con for around $20.

The way it works is you use a hello kitty mold from the kit to shape the rice into a hello kitty shape. After making the hello kitty shape, you need to make the face. This is done by adding nori for the whiskers and eyes. The little hello kitty bow can be made with some radishes or carrots or bell pepper. Once the hello kitty rice face is created, you can put the shaped hello kitty aside and proceed to make the body of hello kitty aka the spam musubi. The first step for this is to slice the spam up and to fry it with some soy sauce and sugar. Once the spam is fried, you can start making the actual hello kitty body. First take some nori strips and lay it down. Follow this with adding rice on top of the nori strips. Press down on the rice, add some furikake, add slice of spam and top with small nori strip. Press, press, press! Last of all is the fun part, attach your hello kitty shaped rice head onto the spam musubi body and you get the following….


Hello Kitty spam musubi is so cute, ehh? It is for sure to bring many smiles!


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