Hello L&L’s Saimin Burger!

Happy National Hamburger Day!

In honor of national hamburger day, my blog post is about L&L’s new Saimin Burger!

Well known for their chicken katsu, Hawaiian Mac salad, Kahlua pork and BBQ ribs, L&L decided to add another flavorful item via the ramen burger or what they call the Saimin burger. In between two noodle buns is a burger party glazed with teriyaki sauce. You can make it loco moco style with egg if you choose to.
This is my second try of the ramen burger (with my first being at Mitsuwa Market). I found my second try of the ramen burger or Saimin burger to be quite enjoyable partially due to the noodle buns. Although it was not crispy, the noodle buns were very flavorful and it really did have that ramen noodle taste that you would find in your normal ramen noodle bowl. The hamburger patty itself was thick and tender and the teriyaki sauce gave that good sweet touch. This burger was a pleasant surprise! For a Hawaiian fast food, they did well with their version or the ramen burger!

I think L&L’s best offering is their chicken katsu but their new saimin burger is definitely not far behind in deliciousness and a great, unique way to celebrate National Hamburger Day!


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