Hello Cookie Butter vs Biscoff Spread a Showdown!

Move over peanut butter and jelly!
Goodbye ham and cheese!
Farewell egg salad and mayo!

The world or sandwiches is being taken over by cookie butter and biscoff spread!


Awhile back I wrote blog post about cookie butter. The popular Trader Joe’s spread made out of Speculoos cookies was mine along with other folks’ summer love. It would hit the shelves during the summer and instantly be gone in less than hours. The sweet spread made out caramelized cinnamon spiced shortbread cookies was just everyone’s favorite treat!

Did you know however that there is another spread that is vying for people’s attention though?

Friends, let me introduce you to Biscoff spread.


Biscoff spread is similar to cookie butter but yet slightly different.
How different, you ask? 😉
Alas my friends, here is Cookie Butter vs Biscoff Spread showdown:

Cookie butter: can be found at any Trader Joe’s store (often hidden due to popularity)
Biscoff spread: can be found at World Market, Walmart, Albertsons (not hidden but usually only one jar left on shelves)

Cookie butter: $3.99
Biscoff spread: $3.78

Cookie base
Cookie butter: made out of Trader Joe’s speculoos cookies
Biscoff spread: made out Lotus European cookies (same kind of cookies offered to Delta Airlines passengers)

Cookie butter: crunchy, creamy and cookie butter with cocoa (new offering!)
Biscoff spread: crunchy, creamy

Taste and Consistency
Cookie butter: sweet, subtle hint of caramel and gingerbread
Biscoff spread: slighty sweet, smooth, rich

Official foodie spin offs
Cookie butter: candy bars
Biscoff spread: none

As you can see above, there are very subtle differences between cookie butter and Biscoff spread. They are both very popular and sometimes hard to find. Price wise, they are almost the same in value. Taste wise, cookie butter is more sweet but Biscoff spread is more smooth and rich. In a foodie boxing match, I would say this would be a draw ;).

Overall both are great and nice spreads for your breads! Both are taking over the food world by storm and leaving cream cheese and peanut butter, spreads of the past ;). For this showdown, both cookie butter and Biscoff spread are winners :).


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kerry Lynn says:

    I just saw this Biscoff spread at Walmart yesterday and had to get a jar. I have been eating Biscoff cookies for years…ever since airline passengers demanded more, more, more and they started selling the packages in stores!
    I’ve never tried the Speculoos cookie butter, but it looks amazing (btw, I saw a “generic” Walmart brand of this, too!)
    I’m just thinking that the Biscoff spread might be better if you’re making a frosting for cupcakes or a cake, because you say it’s not as sweet…and that’s one of the biggest issues I have with cupcakes—too sweet.
    Thank you for explaining the differences between these two products.

    1. Jenn says:

      Thank you Kerry for reading my post! That sounds like a great idea to try Biscoff spread as a frosting 😊

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