Hello MINE Get Your Own Cookie Butter!

Hello MINE Get Your Own Cookie Butter!

I love cookie butter and was so excited to have the opportunity to try out some cookie butter from MINE Get your own Cookie Butter!


From MINE Get your own cookie butter I got a tasty four pack of cookie butter samples!

The four different flavors were sugar, mocha, gingerbread and chocolate sugar.

Of all the flavors sugar, is the classic one! It’s simple straight up cookie butter with a little bit of sweetness.


Mocha is my favorite for breakfast treats. I love mocha! Mocha is awesome because it’s a perfect spread to match that morning coffee.


The gingerbread flavor is the most unique one of all. It reminds me of holiday time and gingerbread cookies.


The chocolate sugar is a must for chocolate lovers. It’s rich and oh so chocolatey.


I didn’t just use this cookie butter for spreads though! I had a lot of fun experimenting with the cookie butter and trying out new recipes.

I made mocha cookie butter pancakes one day.


On another day I made gingerbread cookie butter cookie squares.


I love how MINE Get your own Cookie Butter has different flavors of cookie butter! The variety is something different and it’s a lot of fun thinking of new treats to make with all the cookie butter flavors! I can definitely vouch for the cookie butter adding an extra taste of yumminess to the cookies and pancakes I made.

Once again, Hello Kitty foodie turned into Cookie Monster err Cookie Kitty thanks to the tasty treats of MINE Get your Own Cookie Butter. Haha that is right….”Get Your Own Cookie Butter” because this cookie butter is all for Cookie Kitty. 😉

*Items in this post were provided for a complimentary basis to facilitate this review. This blog post was accurate when published and reflects the uninfluenced opinion of the blog writer.

Hello Cookie Butter vs Biscoff Spread a Showdown!

Hello Cookie Butter vs Biscoff Spread a Showdown!

Move over peanut butter and jelly!
Goodbye ham and cheese!
Farewell egg salad and mayo!

The world or sandwiches is being taken over by cookie butter and biscoff spread!


Awhile back I wrote blog post about cookie butter. The popular Trader Joe’s spread made out of Speculoos cookies was mine along with other folks’ summer love. It would hit the shelves during the summer and instantly be gone in less than hours. The sweet spread made out caramelized cinnamon spiced shortbread cookies was just everyone’s favorite treat!

Did you know however that there is another spread that is vying for people’s attention though?

Friends, let me introduce you to Biscoff spread.


Biscoff spread is similar to cookie butter but yet slightly different.
How different, you ask? 😉
Alas my friends, here is Cookie Butter vs Biscoff Spread showdown:

Cookie butter: can be found at any Trader Joe’s store (often hidden due to popularity)
Biscoff spread: can be found at World Market, Walmart, Albertsons (not hidden but usually only one jar left on shelves)

Cookie butter: $3.99
Biscoff spread: $3.78

Cookie base
Cookie butter: made out of Trader Joe’s speculoos cookies
Biscoff spread: made out Lotus European cookies (same kind of cookies offered to Delta Airlines passengers)

Cookie butter: crunchy, creamy and cookie butter with cocoa (new offering!)
Biscoff spread: crunchy, creamy

Taste and Consistency
Cookie butter: sweet, subtle hint of caramel and gingerbread
Biscoff spread: slighty sweet, smooth, rich

Official foodie spin offs
Cookie butter: candy bars
Biscoff spread: none

As you can see above, there are very subtle differences between cookie butter and Biscoff spread. They are both very popular and sometimes hard to find. Price wise, they are almost the same in value. Taste wise, cookie butter is more sweet but Biscoff spread is more smooth and rich. In a foodie boxing match, I would say this would be a draw ;).

Overall both are great and nice spreads for your breads! Both are taking over the food world by storm and leaving cream cheese and peanut butter, spreads of the past ;). For this showdown, both cookie butter and Biscoff spread are winners :).

Hello Trader Joe’s speculoos cookies and cookie butter!

Hello Trader Joe’s speculoos cookies and cookie butter!

Hello speculoos! What are speculoos? Speculoos are crisp caramelized cinnamon spiced shortbread. They originated from Belgium and are now being offered at Trader Joe’s.

I originally did not know what Speculoos were until I had heard about cookie butter from Trader Joe’s. Trader Joe’s cookie butter is a spread made out of the crushed Speculoos biscuits. It’s Trader Joe’s number one seller and is known worldwide. Folks as far as the Philippines are on the search for this cookie butter. The Trader Joe’s cookie butter comes in a creamy and crunchy version. The creamy is the original and the crunchy is the newest version that only came out this year.

After hearing about all the hype, reading news stories and blogs about it and seeing numerous instagram photos of cookie butter from all around the world, my curiosity was peeked. I went on the search for this cookie butter and tried finding it at various Trader Joe’s all around town. I first found the speculoos cookies but the cookie butter itself was very difficult to find! Various Trader Joe’s would run out early in the morning. Because of the high demand and limited quantities, some stores would not even put it out on the shelves and instead have it in their pit area for customers to request. I luckily found the hard to get cookie butter after awhile. I was so excited that I even wrote a yelp review about it!

It was the creamy version that I found first.

I honestly did not know what to expect. I had heard so much about it that I was curious to see if it lived up to the hype. My first try of the creamy cookie butter consisted of spreading it on some warm pan de sal at breakfast. I was instantly impressed. It was like peanut butter with a sweet touch. I could taste a slight hint of gingerbread in there as well. It was definitely creamy and a very nice spread for some hot bread fresh from the oven.

I liked the creamy version so much, that I wanted to try the crunchy version of the cookie butter next. Once again, finding the cookie butter was hard. It seemed only the creamy was available. After three weeks of finding the creamy, I found the crunchy at the same Trader Joe’s. Surprisingly, all the creamy cookie butter was gone on the day that I found the crunchy. The shelf was filled with lots of crunchy but no more creamy.

Once again, I tried it first on some pan de sal. I put a generous serving of the crunchy cookie butter on my breakfast bread and tried it out. I found it very similar to the creamy and honestly expected a little more “crunch.” There were some crunchy bits of biscuit in there but not a significant amount. The creamy and crunchy version in my opinion are almost one and the same. Both have the nice sweet taste to it.


After trying it out on pan de sal, I also tried the spread on the Speculoos cookies themselves. I found this very nice. It brought out the gingerbread and sweet cinnamon flavor out even more in the cookie.

I have also tried it on granola bars as well as Rice Krispie bars. The nice thing about cookie butter is it s a nice topping for almost anything! It’s like the extra cherry on top that everyone loves. I’m thinking of trying it on bananas and waffles as well.

Speculoos cookies and cookie butter from Trader Joe’s are my new favorite “it” food! It is definitely worthy of all the hype! Do give it a try and I hope it puts a smile on your face the same way it did on mine! 🙂