Hello Shin-sen-gumi shabu shabu!

Shabu shabu via Shin-sen-gumi! I tried this place for the first time this weekend! On weekend they have an all you can eat special! For $15, you get all you can eat angus beef.


In the beginning, you start off with a small clean plate and bowl of boiling water! Soon enough that small plate will be filled with the delicious shabu shabu that you cook in that hot water.


You are also provided the dipping sauces up front. They give you ponzu sauce and sesame paste. The sesame paste was my favorite.


The lunch special comes with rice, mixed veggies and udon noodle. These all nicely compliment the thin pieces of angus beef.


You can cook the veggies in the boiling water anytime but I chose to cook the meat first followed by the cabbages and carrots. I wanted to cook first the ones I thought would take longer. I added the mushrooms and udon noodle last. It actually did not take too long and I was soon on my way to eating yummy shabu shabu.


I have only been to shabu shabu a couple times and this place was a great place to try shabu shabu once again! The all you can eat special is great and they have other great deals here as well.

For more smiles, please see my recent yelp review on Shin-sen-gumi.


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