Hello Shin Sen Gumi 2 Go Spring Udon Fair!

Hello Shin Sen Gumi 2 Go Spring Udon Fair!

Ever since I discovered the various Shin-Sen Gumi restaurants, I have become quite a fan. My delight with the chain can be seen in my previous blog posts about Shin-sen-gumi Shabu ShabuHakata Ramen Shinsengumi and Shin-Sen Gumi Yakitori!

One of the things that I enjoy most about this restaurant is the various special offerings they have throughout the year. This April, I was pleasantly surprised with their Shin Sen Gumi Udon Fair at the Shin-Sen-Gumi 2GO restaurant at Tokyo Central! The fair featured sixteen kinds of new udon. Each week four different kinds of udon were featured.  Some of the creative offerings I saw were udon with cheesy fondue, udon with creamy crunch bacon, mushroom and avocado and udon with curry sauce and crispy pork!

On the day I came they had a creamy tomato and seafood udon.


This creamy udon had clams in a very rich tomato broth. It had pasta like feel more than a soup. This was definitely one very unique dish.

One of the udons I got to try was the chunky beef udon.


The chunky beef udon was a very comforting soup dish. It had good warm broth, had lots of ginger and green onions along with small pieces of chunky beef. This was something different from the creamy udon.

I really enjoyed how the udons offered at the Spring Udon Fair offered something for every taste bud. If you were craving something creamy and different, they had it. Crispy meat or hearty chicken? No problem! Savory broth or cheesy fondue? They will make it!

Udon for every type and every craving! The Spring Udon Fair at Shin-Sen Gumi 2 Go, simply made me smile.




Hello Shin-Sen Gumi Yakitori!

Hello Shin-Sen Gumi Yakitori!

The Shin-Sen Gumi family has it done it again! Once again, I am so impressed with another one of their restaurants! After trying out (and becoming such a fan) of Shin-sen-gumi Shabu Shabu and Hakata Ramen Shinsengumi, I tried out a third Shin-Sen Gumi restaurant via Shin-Sen Gumi Yakitori!

Now I love bbq/skewered food and so when I heard Shin-Sen Gumi had a Yakitori restaurant I had to check it out.

I was happy to see they not only had yakitori here but other special dishes like curry as well.

They start off the meals here with choice of two starters, a miso soup or salad.

The miso soup is served fresh and has a nice warm broth filled with lots of green onions.


The salad consists of refreshing greens with a yuzu citrus dressing.


For those who want to try a nice mix of their yakitori. I would definitely recommend the Shin-Sen Gumi combo plate from the Yakitori lunch menu. This comes with 2 skewers of bbq chicken, fried chicken and fish. The yakitori choices are 1 meatball and 1 thigh or all meatballs. I really enjoyed the yakitori! The main meat itself was moist, juicy, tender and full of flavor! The fried chicken was equal in deliciousness! It had nice crisp batter and was not salty.


As I mentioned earlier, this place is not all about yakitori because they offer special dishes as well. The day I went they had a baked curry rice dish that I just had to try. What sold me on this dish was the baked curry rice had eggplant, baked soboro and cheese with poached egg. Being a fan of curry, eggplant and egg, this dish was a must try! I was not disappointed at all. The entree came out piping hot with a flavorful curry rice that had egg and cheese oozing out. The eggplant was spread throughout and brought even more texture to the already amazing dish. It’s like a Japanese casserole!


Overall I really enjoyed my meal at Shin-Sen Gumi Yakitori. I want to say this restaurant is my favorite out of all the Shin-Sen Gumi places but the other Shin-Sen Gumis are great as well, that it is hard for me to choose a favorite. They all make me smile. 😉

Hello Shin-sen-gumi shabu shabu!

Hello Shin-sen-gumi shabu shabu!

Shabu shabu via Shin-sen-gumi! I tried this place for the first time this weekend! On weekend they have an all you can eat special! For $15, you get all you can eat angus beef.


In the beginning, you start off with a small clean plate and bowl of boiling water! Soon enough that small plate will be filled with the delicious shabu shabu that you cook in that hot water.


You are also provided the dipping sauces up front. They give you ponzu sauce and sesame paste. The sesame paste was my favorite.


The lunch special comes with rice, mixed veggies and udon noodle. These all nicely compliment the thin pieces of angus beef.


You can cook the veggies in the boiling water anytime but I chose to cook the meat first followed by the cabbages and carrots. I wanted to cook first the ones I thought would take longer. I added the mushrooms and udon noodle last. It actually did not take too long and I was soon on my way to eating yummy shabu shabu.


I have only been to shabu shabu a couple times and this place was a great place to try shabu shabu once again! The all you can eat special is great and they have other great deals here as well.

For more smiles, please see my recent yelp review on Shin-sen-gumi.