Hello Milk Bar DC!

Hello Milk Bar DC!

After feeling just peachy from my trip to Momofuku CCDC, I could not help but go to the neighboring Milk Bar DC. No trip to Momofuku, would be complete without a trip to the Milk Bar, after all ;).


The Milk Bar is where sweet dreams are fulfilled and walking in, I was already in a sweet state of bliss as I could smell the sweet aroma of fresh-baked cookies and cakes. Cookies! Cakes! Soft Serve! Truffles! Happiness!

Perhaps one of the hardest decisions ever was choosing what to get at the Milk Bar but then with the sweetness in the air guiding me, the answer was easy! How about a little bit of every thing? This is sweet heaven after all and no judging ;).


From the cookies, I got Milk’s Confetti Cookie, Blueberry and Cream Cookie and their Cherry Rose Cookie.

The Confetti Cookie was an old favorite that was taken out of the menu late last year but just in time for my Milk trip, it came back! Confetti is associated with a party and this cookie will indeed bring a party to your mouth! The cookie itself has a vanilla base that is mixed in with rainbow sprinkles. It’s just a rainbow of happiness right for your tastebuds.

The Blueberry and Cream Cookie has a sugar cookie dough base that is topped with bits of milk crumbs and lots of dried blueberries. It reminded me of a blueberry muffin but a in a cookie form! This cookie was true blueberry bliss!

The Cherry Rose Cookie was very special because it is a an exclusive cookie at Milk Bar CCDC. I am loved this cookie because it s an ode to one of my favorite things in DC: cherry blossoms! It’s a fruity meets a floral combination with freeze dried cherries, milk crumbs and rose water essence with a final layer of dusted cherries on top. Just like cherry blossoms, this cookie was only in DC for a limited time. I am so glad I got to try it on my trip.

A kitty cannot live on cookies err bread alone hehe and thus I tried out their soft serve!

For the soft serve, I tried their cereal milk soft serve. This is the true breakfast for champions. It is creamy ice cream that is made with milk, cornflakes, brown sugar and they add in a pinch of salt. It really is like milk at the bottom of a bowl of cornflake cereal.

Last but definitely not least was their Crack Pie. The Crack Pie has been a pie I’ve been wanting to try for a very long time. At first bite, I knew it truly was worth the wait! The buttery flavoring of the pie is perfection and simply melts in your mouth. The toasted oat crush is chewy and tasty! It is unlike any other pie I have ever had.  I can definitely see why people can get addicted to this Crack Pie.

If Momofuku made me feel peachy, then Milk Bar simply made me feel heavenly. It was a sweet heaven of sweet treats and I cannot wait to be back at Milk Bar one day.

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Hello Momofuku CCDC!

Hello Momofuku CCDC!

Fast cars in a rush. Busy people passing by. A chilly wind and slight rain. I’m in my black Hello Kitty hoodie at City Center in Washington DC. Cold and hungry on a busy day in DC, the answer to my prayers is right in front of me as I spot the peach logo of Momofuku CCDC.

Momofuku CCDC is one of the restaurants of famed chef David Chang. The original Momofuku is in New York City and there are also branches in Toronto and Las Vegas. Momofuku opened up in December 2015 at CityCenter DC. The Washington DC location has a somewhat personal significance in Chef Chang’s life. He is a Northern Virginia native and his is father once owned two bistros in Washington, DC.

The personal significance to Chef Chang’s childhood brought some special attention to detail in choosing the menu of this location. Momofuku CCDC ended up with some of the traditional dishes that can be found at the other Momofuku restaurants but it also got some creations exclusively made for DC. On this chilly day, I was blessed to try an array of Momofuku offerings.

My meal at Momofuku started off with their famous buns. They’ve got a quite a selection of buns ranging from shitake to brisket. I got the chicken meatball buns.


The chicken meatball buns are amazing. This small dish consists of two buns filled with a gigantic chicken meatball that is smothered with paprika mayo and topped with spicy  jalapeños and crispy iceberg lettuce. The buns are so soft and practically melt in your mouth. They remind me of traditional siopao or steamed buns that can be found in Chinatown. These are not your classic Chinese steamed buns however because they have a special, unique twist with their fillings. The chicken meatball is super flavorful and there is a little bit of spice brought in with the paprika mayo and jalapeño. It’s spicy, savory and simply mouth watering.

Right after the chicken meatball buns, the pork ramen came out. This soup was the perfect response to the slight rain that was hitting DC that day.


Momofuku CCDC’s pork ramen is a food item of beauty.  A feast for the eyes and a feast for the stomach,; the pork ramen is filled with pork belly, pork shoulder, poached egg and long noodle. One poke at the poached egg and the yolk comes oozing out into the warm broth and further enhancing the already flavorful soup. Along with the poached egg, there is the delicious pork meat adding to the texture of the ramen. The pork belly and pork shoulder are wonderfully tender and mix well with the long, silky noodles. This soup truly is the cure to the chilly DC day.

The pork ramen and buns are items that can be found at the other Momofuku restaurants but as I mentioned early in ths post, Momofuku CCDC has some special items that were created just for this branch. One of these items it their Braised Fried Chicken dish.


The Briased Fried Chicken dish is not your typical fried chicken dish.  Crispy fried chicken is mixed in with scallions, cabbage and shallot with a sweet sauce. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever tried. I really enjoyed how the chicken remained crispy despite being in the sauce. It’s delicious and different and I’m so happy that it’s on the Momofuku CCDC menu. It’s a dish that was inspired from one of David Chang’s favorite Chinese restaurants, the now closed Wu’s Garden  in Vienna. Though Wu’s maybe closed, the braised fried chicken lives on and it’s all thanks to Momofuku CCDC.

Everything I tried that chilly day in DC was perfect. I absolutely loved the chicken meatball buns and both the pork ramen and the braised fried chicken were phenomenal.

There I was, a girl just cold and hungry at the City Center DC but thanks to Momofuku CCDC I became a girl warm, happy and just peachy ;). (Peachy just like Momomfuku’s famed peach logo. 🙂

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