Hello Foodologie Baked Goods!


I love supporting small businesses, Filpino businesses and local businesses and so imagine how ecstatic I was to find Foodologie Baked Goods at The Kitchen Terminal in Redondo Beach.

Foodologie Baked Goods is a fairly new small business that opened up right after the pandemic. The owner is Maria Leyesa; a first generation Filipino American who previously never baked before the pandemic. She started experimenting with different recipes and the result was the most amazing baked goods! This small bake shop has become popular in such a short time and I can definitely see why. Offering brownies and cookies that are huge in size and huge flavor; Foodologie Baked Goods is a must try.

Their most popular offering is The Ube Brownie. I love ube and if you are also a ube lover you are sure to love this treat that has the rich, buttery ube flavor. At Foodologie Baked Goods; one can get the classic Ube Brownie as well as Ube Coconut Brownies and Ube and Cream Brownies (with oreos). Every brownie is ube-r good and the brownie practically melts in your mouth.

The ube love doesn’t stop with the The Ube Brownie however as Foodologie Baked Goods also has Ubedoodle cookies! OMG huge chunks of ube embedded in the softest cookie. This cookie is true love at every bite.

The Ubedoodle cookies are definitely amazing but one should also not miss their other cookies. I also got to try their Churrodoodle and their Chocolate Chip cookie and both were so flavorful. The Churrodoodle is the perfect baby of the snickerdoodle and the churro. I love both churros and snickerdoodles and this cookie definitely gave hints of both. The Cholocoate Chip cookie is also one that classic cookie lovers will enjoy. Rich and gooey chocolate chips; one can’t help smile!

Foodologie Baked Goods offers their fresh baked goods at The Kitchen Terminal every Thursday evening from 4:30-7:30pm. They can also be found at South Bay coffee shops like Two Guns Espresso. More info can be found on their instagram page @foodologiebakedgoods.

For more smiles; please check out my latest Yelp review on Foodologie Baked Goods.


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