Hello Dim Sum 101!

Dim Sum 101 may sound like an ultimate foodie lover’s course in college but it’s actually the name of the newest dim sum place in the South Bay! Just this past February 2022; Dim Sum 101 opened up in Lomita, California and it has already won the hearts of many dim sum lovers such as myself.

The restaurant is cute and quaint and similarly their menu is small and basic. Dim Sum 101 however has all the essential dishes for all of us dim sum foodies. They’ve got dumplings, porridge, buns, sticky rice, rice noodles and yes for the ultimate dim fan; they have chicken feet! They definitely had several of my favorites and I was quite one happy foodie eating here.

My food orders here consisted of Sticky Rice, Bean Curd Veggie Roll, Preserved Egg and Pork Porridge, Beef Rice Noodle, Fried Dumpling and Chicken Feet. I definitely wanted to try a variety and that can be seen in my choices that ranged from vegetarian to not so vegetarian (hehe chicken feet!). I have to say that Dim Sum 101 knows their dim sum. Hey; if you’re restaurant sounds like a college course; you better have food that passes the culinary grade. I’m happy to say this course…err restaurant is passing with flying colors. Their dim sum was full of flavor and well worth the value. (Majority of their dishes are $5.68). Among the things I ordered; my top picks were the Bean Curd Veggie Roll along the Preserved Egg and Pork Porridge.

Dim Sum 101 gets a A in my book!

For more smiles; please see my Yelp Review on Dim Sum 101


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