Hello Maru Kitchen!

I love discovering new places and just recently found an amazing Korean restaurant in Lomita, California called Maru Kitchen. Maru Kitchen specializes in a Korean food and it is true bulgogi bliss here as they’ve got an amazing variety of bulgogi dishes. They have traditional bulgogi grilled dishes, bulgogi panini and even bulgogi hot pot! Aside from bulgogi however; they’ve got a various noodles, soups and chicken wings. Yummy indeed.

Since bulgogi is one of my favorite dishes; I just had to try one of their traditional grilled dishes. I chose to get the Chicken Bulgogi. I absolutely loved the Chicken Bulgogi. It had the perfect sweet and savory bulgogi flavor. The chicken itself was moist and tender. This entree also came with a variety of delicious banchan that paired well with the tender chicken. There was kimchi, radishes with apples, bean sprouts, potato salad, seasoned spinach. My favorites from the side dishes were the potato salad and the seasoned spinach.

Aside from the traditional grilled Bulgogi; I decided to also try different type of Bulgogi offering here via their Bulgogi hot pot. The Bulgogi Hot pot came out fresh, hot and boiling from their kitchen. It had a generous amount of tender beef bulgogi, glass noodles, vegetables and sweet and savory broth. I can honestly say that this is one of the best Korean soups I’ve ever had. It’s was so comforting to eat.

Last but not least; I got to try their fresh lemonade. They’ve got traditional Lemonade, Strawberry and Peach here. We tried their Strawberry and Peach. These consisted of fresh lemonade with house-made real strawberry syrup and peach respectively. The weather has been quite warm in Los Angeles lately and thus these lemonades were a perfect refreshing treat for the sunny So-cal day!

Overall I was absolutely thrilled to get to try this new Korean spot. Their food and drinks are just right. Good in flavor and quite satisfying; I was all smiles after eating here. 맛있다!

For more smiles; please check out my Yelp review on Maru Kitchen.


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