Hello Curry + Plus Torrance!

There’s another new restaurant in the South Bay! Today, October 7; Curry + Plus Torrance is having their grand opening! Being a fan of curry; I was definitely curry-ious to try it out and support a new local small business.

Curry + Plus offers authentic Japanese curry in a variety of curry flavors from traditional Japanese curry to coconut curry. On the menu are delightful dishes such as chicken katsu curry, braised hamburg curry and angus beef curry. There is even vegan curry for all the Vegans out there! Behind the delightful curry dishes is Chef Oosaki-san and he makes the curry sauce complete from scratch!

I tried recently their Jumbo chicken katsu curry dish. Everything on this plate was a winner. The chicken katsu was perfectly crisp. The dish had fresh and tasty vegetables. Last but definitely not least the curry was thick and savory. My curry-iousity was definitely satisfied (as well as my stomach). 🙂

I love that there is a new place in town to get some authentic Japanese curry. If you are also curry-ious to check out Curry + Plus; they are offering a 30% off discount on their Angus Beef Curry, Jumbo Chicken Curry, and Vegan Curry from 10/7-10/10.

For more smiles, please see my Yelp review on Curry + Plus.


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