Hello Kitty Jet Travels!

I have always dreamed of going to Japan! Visiting the land of Hello Kitty was always on the top of my bucket list and this year it finally happened! After a lot of planning and research, I was on my way to my ultimate Hello Kitty vacation.

The best way to kick off my dream Hello Kitty trip was to find the right flight and it seemed only appropriate that I take the Hello Kitty Jet by Eva Air.

The moment I got to the airport, my excitement already started to peak. Eva Air’s checkin counter at LAX even has Hello Kitty signs for the baggage drop as well as their other checkin lines. I already knew I was off to an amazing trip!


When I got to the counter, the folks at the Eva Air handed me Hello Kitty and friends luggage tags as well as the cutest boarding pass ever. Hello Kitty, My Melody, Pompompurin, Badtz Maru and Little Twin Stars were on my ticket to my dream plane.


After going through security, finding my gate and much eagerness and excitement, I finally spotted the cute jet.

Eva Air flies several different Sanrio Jets and the one I went on was the Sanrio Family one! I really liked this one because it features a lot of Hello Kitty’s friends including Patty and Jimmy, Keroppi, My Melody and even Dear Daniel.


As all of us lined up to our various boarding zones, I noticed that even the zone signs the Eva Air crew was holding was decorated in Hello Kitty! I loved all the details and this wasn’t even when I was inside the plane yet!


Once I boarded, it was even more cuteness galore! Every seat had a the head rest covered in a Sanrio Family head rest cover and there were Sanrio Family pillows for all.


Within each seat, there were even Hello Kitty waste bags as well as safety manuals featuring our favorite Sanrio characters.

The kawaiiness even continued on in the lavatory. The hand lotion, aroma mist, facial mist and hand soaps were all in bottles with Sanrio family characters. Even the mouth wash cups were Hello Kitty themed.


Once the flight started, the cuteness didn’t stop. When it came time to have our snacks and complimentary drinks. There was a touch of Hello Kitty everywhere. The mixed nuts had a Hello Kitty wrapping. Similarly both the hot and cold drink cups featured Hello Kitty!


When it came to having our main meals, there was also Sanrio Family utensils, placement, toothpick and wipes.


The Hello Kitty happiness continued throughout the flight as they offered the various complimentary drinks in the Hello Kitty cups.

This was truly the best way to kick off my Hello Kitty trip of my dreams! Coming soon on my next blog post is the next phase of my Hello Kitty ultimate dream trip.

For smiles, please see my Yelp review on the Hello Kitty Eva Air Jet.


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  1. loopysos says:

    This LOOKS AWESOME!!!!!! My dream too, just cannot afford it, but good on you for going on this dream vacation, love seeing it how it is, magical 🙂

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