Hello Red Rock Torrance!

It’s no secret that I’ve wanted to visit Japan. It’s the land of Hello Kitty after all but aside from that, Japan has some amazing eats that any (Hello Kitty) Foodie would love to try. One day I will visit Japan but in the meantime, I got to try some of their most well known dishes thanks to Red Rock in Torrance.

Red Rock in Torrance recently opened up and it is a  flagship restaurant for ‘American Slice Beef Don (American Cut Steak Don)’ a dish that originated in Japan.

The menu here is all about meat dishes in this Spanish style bar! The most popular dish is their American slice beef don which has carefully selected red meat that is roasted for a long time. It is raw meat served with yogurt sauce. They also offer American cut steak don and Angus rib steak. For all of their beef bowls you can add a Jidori raw egg.

When I visited Red Rock, I chose to get the American cut steak don along with a Jidori raw egg.


At first slice (and bite) of my steak, it was not hard to see why Japan is known for good quality meat. The American cut steak was superb in flavoring as well as texture. I got mine medium well and it was cooked just right. The meat was soft yet juicy.

The jidori egg was quite a treat too! It had the deep orange yolk that jidori eggs are known for. I loved that I was able to try a jidori egg which can usually only be found in Japan. In Japan, jidori chickens trace back to breeds that existed in Japan before 1912. It’s nice to see a little bit of Japan here in the US.

Along with my American cut steak, I got soup and salad.


Both are light side dishes that complimented the main entrees very well.

For a taste of Japan and for some beef that is exceptionally good, Red Rock is a great place to visit! This is the first US location for the Japanese restaurant.

For more smiles please see my Yelp review on Red Rock Torrance.


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