Hello Kitty Wine!

Sparkle and sip!

Hello Kitty is all grown up and she enjoys the finer things in life-like relaxing, dining and occasionally sipping some bubbly! Now Kitty is letting us wine and dine with her in a very special way!

SW Vino, an Orange County based online and wholesaler of wine has partnered with Sanrio to bring us Hello Kitty Wine.


Hello Kitty wine is crafted out of the wonderful Torti Winery in Italy! They’ve got quite a good selection of Pinot Noir based wines that are perfect for all of Hello Kitty Foodies!

Among the lovely sweet sips are:

  • Hello Kitty Sweet Pink: a lovely rosé sparkling wine with delicate pink, floral fragrance and almond hints. It pairs wonderfully with fruits, sweets, and desserts.
  • Hello Kitty Sparkling Rose: a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. This wine has Antique Rosé, a floral sweet and spicy aroma. It is perfect with appetizers, seafood, sushi, and sashimi.
  • Hello Kitty Pinot Blanco: a Chardonnay & Pinot Nero that goes well with appetizers, fish or egg based dishes, pasta, sushi, sashimi, fusion food and mixed salads.
  • Hello Kitty Pinot Noir: a Pinot Noir with the sweet scent of black cherry, strawberry flavors and raspberry. This goes great with mushrooms, grilled salmon, game dishes, lamb, cheese and poultry.

The wine can be purchased via individual bottles or by combo packs!


As a special treat to Hello Kitty Foodies, there is a special  a coupon code! For a 10% your order, use coupon code HKVINO10 @ http://www.swvino.com. Enjoy!


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