Hello Kitty ♥ Afters Ice Cream!

Summer has officially started! With the warm weather underway, it’s time for some cool treats for all the Hello Kitty Foodies. Sanrio along with  Afters Ice Cream  is coming together for a very special summertime collaboration; Hello Kitty ♥ Afters Ice Cream


Today June 29, 2017 is the official launch of  the Hello Kitty ♥ Afters Ice Cream promotion. There will be two yummy limited edition ice cream flavors offered. It’s super delicious and it’s Hello Kitty themed!

The first of the flavors is  Mama’s Apple Pie.


Hello Kitty’s favorite food is her Mama’s apple pie. Thanks to Afters Ice Cream, all of us Hello Kitty Foodies will get to try Mama Kitty’s apple pie via a special ice cream. Mama’s Apple Pie Afters Ice Cream consists of creamy vanilla ice cream with apple sauce, apple pie filling, and cinnamon! Hmm so delicious…no wonder Kitty loves apple pie!

The second very special limited edition flavor is Yummy Strawberry Cake.


This flavor is super kawaii just like Hello Kitty! It is vanilla ice cream with lots of fresh strawberries, house made strawberry swirl, and shortcake bits. It’s topped off with yummy colorful sprinkles. This colorful treat is sure to bring cute and cool to your Kitty’s summer and yours as well.

Aside from the limited edition ice cream flavors, Afters Ice Cream also has a special treat for those purchasing this ice cream.  This ice cream will be served in the cutest custom designed, Hello Kitty branded cups! The cups are decorated with Hello Kitty’s signature bow and cute ice cream cones. For an even extra special treat, Hello Kitty Foodies can also get the limited edition ice cream flavors in Afters’ famous Milky Bun. The Milky Bun is After’s ice cream sandwich. You can get Mama’s Apple Pie and Yummy Strawberry cake stuffed into a warm glazed donut.  I don’t think summer treats can get more delicious or cuter than this! 😉

In addition to the special ice cream flavors, all 15 Southern California Afters ice Cream locations will feature limited edition Hello Kitty ♥ Afters Ice Cream merchandise! The merchandise will include cute summer gear; t-shirts and caps as well as neat stickers.

To celebrate this very special collaboration, the Afters Ice Cream flagship store in Irvine is having a special event tonight from 7 – 10pm. Hello Kitty herself will be there to say hello and eat ice cream with all of you! She may even do a little happy ice cream dance as a DJ will be spinning some summer hits. I hope to see everyone there!.The first 100 customers will receive a free Hello Kitty ♥ Afters Ice Cream t-shirt!

It will sure be one cute and cool summer thanks to Afters. The Hello Kitty ♥ Afters Ice Cream promotion runs through Sunday, August 13. Happy Summer Hello Kitty Foodies! ♥


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