Hello Fire + Spice: A Colorado Grill!

When the weather is going to be in the 20s…we all need a little Fire and Spice!

I recently went on a trip to Aurora, Colorado. With snow all around, scarves, mittens and boots were on the list for the OOTD. With the cold chill, it only seemed appropriate to dine at a place called Fire + Spice! Hmm who doesn’t need a little warmth during cold weather?

Fire + Spice is a restaurant located at the Denver Airport Marriott at Gateway Park. They offer Colorado dishes with a bit of traditional Southwest cuisine.


The menu has small plates, soups and greens, specialties and entrees. They say that starting off a meal here means more than chips and salsa. I found this to be definitely true as they have unique starters such as chicken chorizo spring rolls and chipotle chicken empanadas. I actually kicked off my meal here with one of their Fire + Spice signature dishes, their tortilla soup.


This tortilla soup definitely had the fire and the spice. It had a very fiery kick to it that definitely tantalizes the taste buds.

After such a spicy start, I sure was excited to see what more fire my meal here would bring.

For my main entree, I chose another Fire + Spice signature dish, the Chorizo Chicken.


I was instantly amazed when they served this dish. In previous blog posts, readers may have noticed that I am a fan of Thai angel wings. Fire + Spice’s chorizo chicken is like Thai angel wings but in Southwestern form.  The chorizo chicken was boneless chicken stuffed with spicy chorizo and drizzled with chipotle cream sauce. The chicken was accompanied by cilantro rice and black beans.

At first bite, I was in love. Talk about bringing a little spice to the heart. The chicken was perfectly crisp. It was enhanced by the savory, creamy sauce with a smoky chipotle kick. The spicy chorizo brought even more flavor.  All thoughts of the cold and wind were erased with this dish!

Delightful flavors of the Southwest and warm comforts in the cold Colorado weather were definitely what I found upon my visit to Fire + Spice. I’m very happy to have dined at such a unique Colorado grill and if ever in my travels I find myself here again, I would not mind once again indulging in a little Fire + Spice.

For more smiles, please see my Yelp review on Fire + Spice.


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