Hello Bibigo Del Amo!

New Year and new places to visit at Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance.

Late 2016, several spots opened up at Del Amo Fashion Center and thus making the mall the go-to place for the beginning of 2016.

One of those places is no other than Bibigo Fresh Korean Kitchen

Bibigo specializes in the Korean dish, bibimbap. Bibimbap is typically served on rice, or “bap” but here at Bibigo they bring a modernized twist to the traditional Korean dish. Bibigo allows each customer to customize their bibimap in six easy steps.

The first step is to choose your bowl. Bowls can either be classic or hot stone.

Classic means they will build your bowl in a regular container. Hot stone means they will place your bibimap in a hot stone that will keep your bowl nice and hot. In the hot stone, the ingredients of the bowl will be cooked against the hot sides of the bowl. The hot stone is placed in a special wooden container that makes handling easy and safe for the customers.


The second step is to choose your base. Though bibimap traditionally is served with rice, here at Bibigo, customers have the choice of either rice, salad or noodles. There are three different types of rice to choose from: white, brown or kimchi. The noodles are egg noodles.

The third step is to choose your mixed veggies. One can chose to mix all or mix their own combo of kale, mixed beans and corn, carrots and beets, broccoli, pickled Asian slaw or kimchi.

The fourth step is to pick your grill. This is one of my favorite parts because it’s here you get to pick you main entree. Grill items to choose from include bulgogi beef, garlic chicken, spicy pork, organic tofu, grilled vegetables or meatball.

My personal favorite is the bulgogi beef. I like the thin texture of the beef and it’s sweet marinade. Mixed in with the various veggies from step 3, the bulgogi beef is amazing.


The fifth step is to choose your sauce. Choices are Sesame, KoHot and Citron Soy. Sesame is the choice for you if you like mild and sweet and sauce. KoHot is for those who like spicy and rich. Citron Soy is for those who prefer light and tangy.

I really liked the Citron Soy.  It is light but definitely brings that little bit of flavor that will enhance the bowl.

The finishing touch of the Bibigo bowls comes in their step 6. This is where one chooses their toppings. The toppings include organic fried egg, sesame seeds, crispy garlic and seaweed.

I really love how easy it is to make your own special bibimap at Bibigo. It’s quick and delicious. There’s a bibimap for everyone here.


Bibigo Fresh Korean Kitchen is another great addition to Del Amo Fashion Center.

For more smiles, please see my Yelp review on Bibigo Del Amo.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. pennylrichardsca says:

    I liked it too. Just wanted to add that it’s a big serving, a meal-sized portion, if you don’t skip any of the components; you could definitely split with a friend if you’re just snacking on a shopping run.

    1. Jenn says:

      Yes! I agree it was a big portion and perfect for sharing 🙂

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