Hello Popbar Torrance!

Back in March 2016, I happily wrote on this blog about  Del Amo Fashion Center’s upcoming new eateries. I’m happy to announce that one of the yummy new hot spots has opened up  just in time for the summer! That spot is no other than Popbar!


Popbar was first founded in New York in 2010 and has since branched out to not only many places in the United States but all over the world as well with locations in Japan, Indonesia, Canada, Russia and South Korea. Here in California, they have branches in Anaheim, Arcadia, Saratoga and now Torrance.

The popularity of Popbar perhaps lies its simplicity. It’s fun, quick and creative to create your own pop.  Customers start off with choosing your popbar; popGelato, popSorbetto or yogurt pop. Step two is choosing your poppings. Choices for poppings include almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, caramel corn, coconut, chocolate sprinkles and crushed waffle cone. The third step is to choose your chocolate dippings. You can get a full dip, half dip or drizzle of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, mint dark chocolate or caramel dark chocolate. With three simple steps….tada…out pops up a delicious cool treat!

There are 40 flavors always in rotation at Popbar and all of their ingredients are all natural, with no preservatives, artificial flavors or colors.  The bars are all gluten-free and the sorbetto is vegan friendly. All the popbars are made fresh daily.  I found myself simply delighted with the variety of different popbars that I saw. There was banana, dulce de leche, almond, vanilla, coconut, mango, kiwi and so much more.

For my popbar, I chose to get an almond popGelato with a full dip of white chocolate, topped with almonds, crushed waffle cone and hazelnuts and drizzled with dark chocolate. My friend that was with me chose to get a dulce de leche popGelato with a half dip of dark chocolate, a half dip of white chocolate and topping of almonds and hazelnut. The results were two sweet and yummy treats!


I really enjoyed my popbar. The almond popGelato had a sweet, creamy texture and the toppings of crushed waffle cone and hazelnuts gave it nice, crisp crunch exterior! It was simple happiness on a stick and a perfect treat for the hot summer day.  I am now a certified popaholic.

Popbar is a great addition to Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance. With temperatures creeping up this summer, it’s nice to have a place to enjoy a cool treat with friends.

I am not surprised Popbar will also be popping up new locations soon in Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Rowland Heights and more. There are endless delicious combinations you can make here at Popbar. Full dip, half dip, drizzle. Nuts or not nuts. Sorbetto or Gelato. Any way you pop, you are sure to smile.

For more smiles, please check out my recent Yelp review on Popbar.


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