Hello America Eats Tavern by JoseAndres!

When one is near the nation’s capital, how appropriate it is to eat a restaurant that embodies the love of America and the diversity of American eats. On recent business trip to McLean, Virginia, I found myself doing just that via dining at America Eats Tavern.


American Eats Tavern is the concept of internationally renowned chef Jose Andres along with his partner Rob Wilder. Located at the Ritz Carlton at Tyson’s Corner in McClean, Virginia, this restaurant opened in May 2014. It came about due to, Jose Andres love of American cuisine and him wanting to tell the story of America through foods and favorite dishes made from the best products and ingredients from the USA.

Indeed American Eats Tavern love of America is evident right from the start of any diner who comes here. The logo of the restaurant itself is very patriotic in that it looks like a flag.  Walking in, one can see a  flag pattern on parts of the ceiling and right above an open kitchen is a banner with “We the People of the United States…” from the preamble of the United States Constitution.

The menu is filled with dishes with a new take on American cuisine such is their new England Baked Scallops. The New England baked scallops are on top of garlic-chive cream, lemon garlic cups and topped with anise bread crumbs.


The Eisenhower Stew was my personal choice on dining here. It has beef short rib, charred baby carrot, pearl onions and cherry tomato.


The plating on their dishes was exquisite and the taste equaled that. The beef was perfectly cooked and was so tender. I practically did not even have to slice the beef because it was so soft, that it just naturally sliced itself with a tender swish of a fork. The brown sauce underneath was deliciously savory and the root vegetables were crispy and delightful.

To compliment all of their entrees is soft buttermilk biscuits with apple butter.


Last but definitely not least is America Eats Tavern’s desserts.  Delectable sweet delights fill their dessert menu. Jose Andres’ sweet treats are made out of combination of ingredients that add a twist to some of the country’s traditional desserts. I chose to get their donut bread pudding that came with their homemade coffee ice cream, caramel sauce and a donut chip. The word delectable comes close to not even giving this dessert justice. The creamy flan on underneath along with the smooth caramel sauce simply melts in the mouth. The donut bread pudding itself is so soft and delightful.


Some of the most historic dishes known in America are given a new look via America Eats Tavern. Jose Andres pays a wonderful tribute to American cuisine here using the best ingredients from the U.S. Via America Eats Tavern, Jose Andres is making U.S. culinary history come alive. We the People of the United States eat and feel history here at America Eats Tavern.

For more smiles, please see my recent Yelp review on Jose AndrAmerica Eats Tavern.





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