Hello Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar!

It’s February, love month!  Although this Kitty has yet to find her Dear Daniel, I still found a way to enjoy this happy hearts month with some good eats and good treats via visiting Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar in El Segundo, California with friends.


I’ve never ever dined at Fleming’s before but one can say I managed to build up a little infatuation with dining here one day. With Valentine’s Day falling on a Sunday, it seemed a perfect time to try Fleming’s out. It is only on Sundays that they offer their Prime Rib Dinner. The prime rib is served with a trio of sauces and includes your choice of salad, one side dish and dessert.

The choices for the salad are New Wedge, Modern Caesar or Fleming’s Salad.

The Fleming’s salad comes with candied walnuts, dried cranberries, tomatoes, onions, herbed crostini and lemon vinaigrette. It’s a nice light salad with subtle fruity flavor due to the cranberries and lemon vinaigrette.


I though the Fleming’s salad would be my favorite but it turns out the New Wedge was more to my liking. The New Wedge comes with grape tomatoes, crispy onions, caramelized bacon and blue cheese.


When the New Wedge came out I was surprised with the large rectangular blue cheese that came with it. The blue cheese brought a lot of flavor to this salad and it was pleasantly offset with the caramelized bacon. The bacon similar to the blue cheese was a pleasant surprise. This piece of bacon had the perfect sweet glaze that brought a little sweetness to the salty.

When it came to choosing the sides, it was a bit hard for me to choose. Did I want their signature onion rings or their creamed spinach or the truffle parsley mashed potatoes? Ahh decisions, decisions, decisions. It’s like trying to choose a Dear Daniel.  I had heard so many good things about Fleming’s sides and it was hard for me to pick. Thankfully at Fleming’s their sides are meant to share.

Two of the most popular sides made it to our table that night.

The truffle parsley mashed potatoes was one that I’ve heard many rave about.


Upon first bite, it is not hard to see why so many foodies have a crush on this dish. It’s creamy, soft, smooth and delightful!

Not to be outdone is Fleming’s chipotle cheddar macaroni and cheese.


This side dish came out piping hot! With it’s chewy pasta, creamy cheesy sauce and crispy edges all around, this dish was to die for.

The main course of prime rib was a true winner.


It’s one of the reasons I’ve had the infatuation of wanting to dine at Fleming’s for such a long time. I’ve heard so much about their quality of meat and wanted to check it out for myself. Upon trying the prime rib here, I finally knew what everyone was raving about. The prime was perfectly tender and juicy  with very little fat. It was also one huge portion.

Though the prime rib and sides were delightful, I had to make sure however to leave plenty of room for their dessert here at Fleming’s.

The waiter told me ahead that the chocolate lava cake is very popular here and thus I had to try it!


Yes, all you need is love and lava cake. This cake is for all those chocolate lovers in the world! It’s a fresh baked chocolate cake with a molten center of belgian chocolate. It is served with premium vanilla ice cream and chopped pistachios. Once you slice the cake, the belgian chocolate comings oozing out. It’s a very rich, chocolate treat. The vanilla ice cream on the side is a sweet partner to the chocolate.

One other dessert that I had my eye on was the creme brûlée. Ahh this kitty definitely has a creme brûlée crush.


Here at Fleming’s, their creme brûlée is a creamy tahitian vanilla bean custard served with fresh seasonal berries. I loved the overall smooth texture of this dessert. Not too sweet, it made it’s way right to my foodie heart.

It really was hard to choose which dessert I liked more. The chocolate lava cake was more rich in flavor while the creme brûlée was on the lighter side. I was definitely torn between two dessert loves. One day I hope to meet the Dear Daniel who gives me the same reaction when I see chocolate lava cake and creme brûlée haha but for now those desserts can be my Valentine for now! 😉


Dining at Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar for this first time this February was truly a hearty and happy experience for this foodie!


Happy Hearts Month my hello kitty foodies! You all are my real Valentines! Thanks for reading and for all the blog love! Xoxo and hello kitty hugs to you all.

For more smiles, please see my Yelp review on Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar.





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