Hello Atticus Creamery and Pie!

Located in West LA, is Atticus Creamery and Pies, a cute little pie shop selling pies and ice cream that are made fresh daily.


All of the pies from here are made with natural homemade ingredients. There are no preservatives whatsoever. Every single thing in the pie is made by Atticus Creamery, from the fruit jams drizzled on top of the pie to the 100% all butter handmade pie crust.


Walking into this pie shop, I was instantly in awe of the beautiful and delicious looking pies. Each was consisted of four layers- the bottom, filling, light cream and the toppings.


They have so many delicious flavors to choose from but it is the classic pies that are the popular choice for many.

The salted caramel pie has chocolate ganache at the bottom and is filled with homemade caramel mousse. On the top is light cream and caramelized popcorn! The mix of the salty and sweet is very distinct at first bite.


The earl grey pie is made with dark grey mousse and filled with chocolate ganache. The earl grey mousse is made from real earl grey tea leaves. The chocolate ganache is homemade ganache from Belgium artisan chocolate from Callebaut. On the top is light cream and little Callebaut chocolate pieces on top. I loved the mixture of dark grey mousse with the chocolate ganache. They mix well together to simply create perfection.


My favorite of the classic pies is the coconut banana. This pie is filled with homemade custard and chunks of banana inside. It is topped with coconut custard and toasted coconut pieces. The custard is so smooth and the banana truly comes out.


Aside from classic pies, Atticus creamery has cheesecake pies! I love cheesecake and was so excited to see they have cheesecake pies here.

My favorite of their cheesecake pies is the oreo cheesecake. It’s creamy and smooth with lots of oreo filling.


The oreo cheesecake is for the cookie lovers but for those who prefer more fruit flavors, do not fear because Atticus Creamery has something for the fruit fans too.

They have a blueberry cheesecake pie. It is filled with blueberry cheesecake and blueberry jam. The top has light cream, a real blueberry and blueberry sauce drizzled all over.


There is also a raspberry cheesecake at Atticus Creamery and Pies. It is filled with raspberry cheesecake and chocolate ganache. The top has light cream and real raspberry fruit! I can definitely say one can taste that raspberry flavor instantly with this pie.


From classic pies to cheesecake pies, Atticus Creamery and Pies steps it up even more with their special pies.

Similar to the raspberry cheesecake but with raspberry filling and chocolate is the raspberry chocolate pie. There is light cream on top and real raspberry fruit on top too.


My favorite fruit speciality pie though is the strawberry pistachio. This is filled with strawberry cream mousse. The bottom is filled with pistachio cream and then topped with light cream and a real strawberry. I love how you can taste the real strawberry flavor and the pistachio flavor in this pie.


My other favorite speciality pie is the Reese’s Peanut Butter Pie. This is a must for anyone who likes Reese’s! It is made with chocolate mousse cream along with a peanut butter bottom. The top has light cream and real piece of Reese’s peanut butter cup.


Last but definitely not the least is one of the newest pie offerings here, the Green Tea. This one has green tea filling and light cream on top with chocolate pieces. The matcha flavor is amazing.


The deliciousness at Atticus Creamery and Pies does not stop at their pies though because their ice cream offerings are equally as delicious! Similar to the pies, the ice cream is made fresh daily. They have several delicious flavors to choose from such as honey honeycomb, caramel macchiato, chocolate and potato chips, milk and cereal, red velvet cake, salted caramel pretzel brittle, nutella ferrorocher and york peppermint.

One of the things that really struck me with their ice cream is the ingredients they put in! They put the real deal in there and you can taste it right away. The nutella ferrorocher, tastes like you’re really eating that ferrorocher candy. The chocolate potato chip has real Lay’s potato chips! The milk and creel has frosted flakes. It is so wonderful.

I really liked the Brown Sugar Apple Pie ice cream. It is brown sugar ice cream with cinnamon apple pie filling & fresh baked pie crust. This one was tasted like homemade apple pie.


At Atticus Creamery and Pie, “Every day is Pie Day!” The thought of this simply makes me smile. Their delicious handmade from scratch ice cream and pies simply makes one smile and truly wish for every day to be Pie Day. 🙂

For more smiles, please see my Yelp review on Atticus Creamery and Pies.

*Items in this post were provided for a complimentary basis to facilitate this review. This blog post was accurate when published and reflects the uninfluenced opinion of the blog writer.


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