Hello El Pollo Inka!

Waiter: Would you like me to take a picture of you guys?

Me: No, I just want to take a picture of the food.

The above conversation took place during my trip to El Pollo Inka in Torrance, CA and it’s easy to explain why. El Pollo Inka is so visually appealing. The interior has traditional Peruvian artwork all around the walls, stained glass windows and dark wood furniture.


The visual appeal does not end with their decor here because all of their food is eye candy to any foodie. Every meal here starts off with their warm bread that is accompanied with their famous aji sauce. This delightful green sauce is unique looking and unique tasting. It’s made out of cilantro, tomatoes, onions, water and aji pepper. This sauce goes well with any Peruvian dish and gives a little bit of spice. I personally like it with the complimentary bread that is served here.


The green love continues with the chicken cilantro soup. The chicken cilantro soup is a rice soup with carrots, cilantro and chunks of chicken. It’s such a heartwarming, tasty soup. The cilantro base is very evident and I love how they integrated it into the rice soup.


Peruvian restaurants are famous for their saltado dishes and this place is no different. Their saltado entrees here are plated so beautifully. From the look to the smell, one cannot help be hungry when these dishes are brought out. Their Saltado de Mariscos is packed with seafood. It has sauteed fish, shrimp, clam, mussel, squid and scallops.


My saltado dish of choice however is the Saltado de Pollo. I love the lean chicken mixed with onions and tomatoes. I drizzle it with green sauce and then it is perfect with the rice and fries.


As all of these dishes were brought out, my hello kitty iPhone was busy clicking as I tried to capture the delciiousness through my lens. I’m always a fan when the food looks good and equivalently tastes good. Here at El Pollo Inka it truly is the case. Pleasing to the eye and to the palette, patrons here are sure to be delighed.

For more smiles, please see my Yelp review on El Pollo Inka.


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