Hello Bear-thday at Black Bear Diner!

Once upon a time, there was a little hello kitty who was celebrating her bear-thday. Although she was a kitty, she had friends and family were nice and sweet like teddy bears and they took her to Black Bear Diner for a
bear-thday brunch!


Upon entry, kitty was instantly presented with the “Black Bear Gazette.”

“Aww, so sweet like honey” thought the little kitty as took a look around the diner.


There were bears everywhere! From the decor to the items on the table!


Kitty looked down and saw bear paws on the napkin! A loud “gasp” came out from kitty’s mouth! She thought she was turning into a bear 😉 and her footprint was on the napkins. It turned out the napkins were all part of the bear-y cute theme.


Soon after some bear-y delicious entrees were presented to kitty and friends!

First up were the sweet cream pancakes! This plate had two sweet cream pancakes topped with powered sugar, two eggs and two sausage links! The sweet cream pancakes were very different from any other pancakes, kitty had ever had! They were so fluffy in texture and so sweet in taste. Kitty learned that the pancakes are made out of a buttermilk and sweet cream batter.


Similar to the sweet cream pancakes, was the sweet cream waffle made out of the same buttermilk and sweet cream batter! Kitty was a fan of this waffle! It was a lot like a Belgian waffle!

Some of Kitty’s friends have a sweet tooth and the french toast here was such a sweet, fluffy treat!


After the pancakes, waffles and french toast came the hearty breakfast entrees!

The first hearty entree was the chicken apple sausage scramble! It was made with egg whites and had jack cheese, spinach, sauteed mushroom, avocado and chicken apple sausage! Kitty though this was an amazing scramble! Their were chunks of the chicken apple sausage that had a little bit of sweetness! There were also plenty of veggies!

The next entree was the corned beef hash! Kitty was impressed because this was made fresh to order! The corned beef hash came from a slow cooked brisket and griddle fried with potatoes! Real deal hearty meat and not the fake stuff from a can! It was the perfect match for the country red potatoes on the side


Both entrees were so beary beary big that kitty and friends had pancakes to take home!


They needed to drink lots of water!


They were all so bear-y full and oh so bear-y happy especially the bear-thday kitty!


Bear-thday kitty left with a bear-y huge smile and a heart full of happiness! Black Bear Diner cave is definitely where the heart is for this kitty!


For more bear-y smiles, please see my recent Yelp review on Black Bear Diner.


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