Hello Thai Original BBQ!

In all my various blogging adventures, the most special ones to me are the ones I get to share with my family and friends. Today was one of those special times as I got to celebrate a very special occasion, my mom’s birthday.

We actually had different plans for the day but we accidentally found ourselves at a place I’ve had on my bookmarks for awhile, Thai Original BBQ.


It’s a sister restaurant of one our favorite restaurants in Redondo Beach, Thai Thani. My mom and I are both fans of Thai food and we were excited to try this place out.

Since it was my mom’s birthday, we had to order noodles. It’s an Asian tradition to order noodles during ones birthday because long noodles are symbolic of long life.

My mom’s favorite type of noodles is glass noodles and so we chose to get Thai Original BBQ’s Glass noodles dish. It had chicken and noodles scrambled with eggs, tomatoes, carrots and green onion. The noodles were long, soft and delicious. It’s a very flavorful dish because of the good mix of veggies and egg


The other dish we tried was the Chicken ruby dinner. It’s dish with deep fried whole baby hen stuffed with a combination if shrimp and pork. On the side is shrimp fried rice and a homemade sauce for dipping. The stuffed baby hen is amazing. It’s deep fried to a perfectly golden color and crisp. The inside is a finely ground pork filling that is comparable to a meatball. Fresh and crispy, this was a great chicken dish.


It was a really nice birthday dining experience for my mom and I really enjoyed sharing another foodie blog adventure with her. It’s always a good, smiley day when I see my mom smile.

For more smiles, please see my recent Yelp review on Thai Original BBQ.


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