Hello Komatsu!

When I spotted the sign that Komatsu would be opening up in Torrance, I instantly bookmarked it on my list of places to try. I had the pleasant surprise of spotting last Saturday night that this place was open and made plans to try it soon.

Today, along with a friend, I got to try the newly open restaurant.



Up front, the servers at Komatsu served some complimentary tea. The tea was barley tea and had a heartwarming, toasty taste that was perfect for the cold, rainy day.


For our main meals, my friend and I both got lunch sets that included rice, miso soup and pickles. The miso soup makes for a great starter because it was flavorful and light.

For my main entree, I got the pork cutlet with starchy egg sauce. This seemed to be one of the most popular items on the menu as I noticed many tables ordering the same thing.

Crispy strips of pork cutlet were drizzled with starchy egg sauce and put on top of white rice. The breaded coating over the pork gave a perfectly, nice crunch but the main pork itself was undercooked. For someone who normally does not eat pork dishes, I found myself wishing they had made this a chicken dish instead. Nevertheless, although I was not too fond of the main meat, it was fairly good tasting dish. The starchy egg sauce was what made this bowl unique. The thick egg sauce gave lots of extra flavor and made for a good rice topping.



My friend got the assorted tempura combo. It was a very lovely looking tempura dish that came with sweet potato, eggplant, fried fish and shrimp. I got to try some of the veggie tempura and found it to be very fresh. It was crispy and tasty.



I found Komatsu to be a very nice Japanese restaurant with friendly service and fulfilling food. They serve very classic Japanese cuisine. The lunch menu is limited and the dinner menu has more to offer. Perhaps for a future blog post, Hello Kitty Foodie will be back for dinner. 😉

For more smiles, please see my recent Yelp review on Komatsu.


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