Hello Latte Macchiato Mondays at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf!

“It’s just another manic Monday
I wish it were Sunday..”

Oh Mondays. The day after the nice, relaxing weekend. The day when it’s so hard to wake up when the alarm goes off. The day when you have to think of all the things you have to do this week. Once in awhile we all have that case of those Monday blues. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has an answer for those Monday blues with their “Latte Macchiato Mondays”

This January, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, had a special offer of $2 latte macchiatos on Monday. The latte macchiato is the newest hot beverage to their lineup. Today happened to be the last Monday that The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf was offering this new beverage at a discounted price. Right in the middle of my own little manic Monday, a little notification popped up on my phone reminding me to try The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s cure for the Monday blues.

I’ve always loved trying out The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s different offerings and Monday or not, I was curious to try out their new offering. Soon enough at lunch, I was at the local The Coffee Bean choosing between the three versions of their latte macchiato: caramel, vanilla bean and dark chocolate. I chose to get the vanilla bean version.

The vanilla bean latte macchiato has a mix of whole milk and vanilla beans at the bottom and then topped with foam and a drizzle of sauce. A shot of espresso is poured on top. The barista took a lot of care making my drink and I watched as he took his time pouring the whole milk, layering the foam, adding the syrup and espresso shot.


The drink was creamy and smooth. A bit strong at first due to the espresso but then the sweetness of the vanilla starts to settle in.
I’m a vanilla fan and truly appreciate the nice vanilla flavor though I did feel it was a bit too sweet at times. Perhaps though the extra sweet kick was the wake up call to Monday. 😉

It was nice for The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to have these special Latte Macchiato Mondays. There’s nothing quite like a little quiet time and a good latte to help kick start the week! Happy Monday 🙂


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