Hello Yelp elite gold badge 2014!


2014 is off to a happy start! It truly made my day today and put a big smile on my face when I saw a bright, shiny yelp gold elite badge for 2014 on my Yelp page! It means a lot to be once again part of the Yelp elite crew.

My Yelp journey started in August 2007. I was getting ready for a work trip and just happened to stumble upon the very helpful and informative Yelp page. It was nice to see people’s recommendations of various places and soon enough I too started writing reviews.

Through the years, I’ve gotten to be a part of some memorable Yelp events. From going to a Trucks N Toys Drive to a Bollywood event to a Hollywood Museum tour, each event has been amazing and special. I still remember my very first Yelp elite event, the Karaoke Elite Event at Backstage Bar and Grill. The fact that one of my Yelp friends got this shy Yelper to go up on stage (at my very first event) to sing a duet of Moves Like a Jagger is proof alone of how much I love Yelp and my Yelp friends. (Oh alright, I love karaoke too haha 🙂 but it still took courage to go up and sing the Christina Aguilera part 😉 )

Some of my Yelp friends have become some of my closest friends as well. From finding out what the latest food trend is (pie or macaron), to who’s going to win the Stanley Cup (I’ll always throw that octopus but never eat it 😉 to where’s the next PYE (private Yelp event), the conversations with Yelp friends are always UFC (useful, funny, cool in Yelp lingo 😉 )

It’s been an amazing journey for this Yelper and I’m looking forward to what this 2014 will bring Yelp wise. I’m so honored and touched to be once again Yelp elite! SYOY (see you on yelp 🙂 )


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  1. Rr says:


    1. Jenn says:

      Thank you! 🙂

    1. Jenn says:

      Congrats to you too Ada 🙂

  2. nomnomadic says:

    Congrats! Me too!

    1. Jenn says:

      Congrats! 🙂

      1. nomnomadic says:

        Thank you!!!!!

  3. David says:

    There’s a new South Park episode about helpers and the elite gold badges.

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