Hello Filipino/Asian Fusion PYE @ La Fang!

Masarap! In Tagalog that means delicious.

Eating masarap or delicious food is just one of the reasons why I like La Fang Asian Fusion Kitchen. The other reason though is it seems every time I dine here, I always have a great experience here with friends!

I first tried La Fang when they first opened about a year ago. I came with my friend and Filipino yelp sis Jamie A.

A month later, also at La Fang I had the chance to meet famous Filipino American chef Ron Bilaro and be a part of his Eat and Ron segment of the tv show Adobo Nation.

From that show, La Fang received this 2013 Kagat tasted honor.20131124-170827.jpg.

With such happy memories in mind, I was super happy and excited when Jamie decided to do her very first PYE (private yelp event) at La Fang.

The folks at La Fang treated us to delicious eats from the start!
We started off with plates of lumpia or chicken rolls. Lumpia is a popular Filipino dish. La Fang’s take on the dish is mini egg rolls fried and filled with chicken.



Our kind server John then served us more crispy treats via calamari.


For refreshments, some of us tried Fresh Buko (coconut) juice. La Fang puts a little twist in their coconut juice by adding pieces of lychee fruit in the mix.


Next up for us was sisig. Sisig comes from another Filipino dialect, Kampampgan and means sour snack. Typically the dish contains white onion, green chili, lemon juice or vinegar. Here at La Fang, they brought out a fish version and a pork version. I don’t eat seafood but the presentation of the fish sisig was impressive with the large bangus or milkfish. 20131124-165255.jpg

Similarly the pork sisig had a fine mix of pork marinated in the sour liquid and seasoning of various spices.


Since it was a somewhat, chilly day, the next dish of chicken tinola seemed appropriate. It is chicken broth based soup filled with chicken and chayote.


John served pork hamonado next. The pork hamonado had sweet pork marinated in beer and pineapple sauce.


La Fang then gave us is a fusion version of Filipino mechado via their beef pastel. Mechado is a beef stew with tomato sauce and potatoes. Here at La Fang instead of traditional boiled potatoes, they had mashed potatoes on top of the beef.


Last entree to be served was their #1 special of crispy binagoongan or fried pork cooked in shrimp paste and topped with mangos. Unfortunately I don’t eat shrimp and so shrimp paste based dish is not really my thing but my Yelp friends loved this! I did get to try a little bit of the fried meat and it was good (minus the shrimp paste 😉


The sweet ending to our PYE was the banana yema pie. Yema is a type of Filipino candy made out of egg yolks, condensed milk and peanuts. At La Fang they mixed the banana and yema, placed it on a crispy pie crust and topped it with whip cream and swirls of caramel to make one delicious desseert


Thanks to Jamie A for setting up this yummy and fun PYE! It’s always great hanging out with my Filipino yelp sista 🙂 and it was nice to meet her husband Pablo.


It was also awesome to see all my Yelp friends Jennifer N, Clarence M, Tony L, Craig Y, Antho L and Wan L


Yay to good times with my yelp friends!

For more happy smiles, please read my very first Yelp review of La Fang when I first came here with Jamie.


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