Hello Benihana dinner boats!

Benihana has always been one of my favorite spots to eat at. It’s a lot of fun to eat at the teppanyaki side of the restaurant and watch the chefs do their food exhibition. In the recent years, however, I have come to also appreciate eating at the sushi bar side of the restaurant. At the sushi bar side, there are items that one can try that are not offered on the teppanyaki side. These lounge specials are equal in taste and deliciousness. My favorite lounge specials are the Benihana dinner boats! Different dinner boats are offered throughout the year. Just recently I got to try two types of dinner boats, the tempura dinner boat the Katsu dinner boat.

All dinner boats include Benihana onion soup, Benihana salad, California roll, edamame, seamed rice and fresh fruit.

The tempura dinner boat came with tempura chicken in a skewer, tempura colossal shrimp, vegetables and fresh fruit.


The tempura dinner boat was my favorite! It was quite a sight to see when they first presented it. In particular what stood out were the two large chicken skewers and the giant pile of vegetable tempura that included large onion rings. Everything in this tempura boat had a nice crisp to it! I liked the overall variety of this boat because it had chicken, shrimp and vegetables. It’s perfect for anyone who likes tempura! It is tempura tasting at it’s finest!
The Katsu dinner boat came with panko breaded chicken cutlet, fried lobster and salmon filet topped with avocado tartar sauce.


The katsu dinner boat is good for seafood lovers because of the lobster and the salmon fillet. They do have chicken in this dinner boat though for the non-seafood eaters. Everything in the katsu dinner boat was fried until golden and crispy. This dinner boat also included dipping sauces for the respective katsu entrees. There was a sweet teriyaki flavored sauce for the chicken and a avocado tarter sauce for the lobster and salmon filet.

The dinner boats at Benihana are around $17 and a great deal! It is plenty of delicious food and gives a nice variety of Japanese food delights.

If you can’t make it out for dinner, they also do lunch boats for a little over $10. You can choose from chicken, beef or salmon!




As I mentioned when I started this post, Benihana is one of my favorite dining places. Aside from the dinner boats, I’ve tried a variety of different dishes here through the years.

For more smiles, please see my yelp reviews through the years on Benihana.



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