Hello Pizza Rev!

Craft your own pizza! Crafting deliciousness one topping at a time! That is what Pizza Rev is all about!

Pizza Rev recently opened in El Segundo and when my coworkers and I were looking for a place to go. I instantly thought of this new pizza place! It seems make your own pizza places are the new IT place to go. They are popping up everywhere and I wanted to see how Pizza Rev was. The concept of Pizza Rev is similar to other make your own pizza places. You choose your dough, cheese, protein and veggie toppings. It definitely a lot of fun to pick out your toppings. I had a certain pizza in mind but ended up being a bit spontaneous once I saw all the choices. I ended up with a original dough pizza with white sauce, ricotta, sweet fennel sausage, crumbled beef meal ball, mushrooms, green bell peppers, arugula and sun dried tomatoes.

From my pizza, I became an instant fan of having ricotta cheese and sundried tomatoes as toppings. I felt these two were really good and brought out the flavor of the pizza. I also really liked how well the sweet fennel sausage and crumbled beef meatballs paired together. It was a little bit of sweet and savory mixed together!

Franklin Roosevelt once said, “Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.” Today I definitely was one happy girl with my creatively crafted pizza :).

For more smiles, please see my recent yelp review on Pizza Rev.


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