Hello Vegas Seafood buffet in Torrance!

It’s a little taste of Vegas in the South Bay!
Just recently Vegas buffet opened up in Torrance at the Del Amo Fashion center. I checked it out recently for lunch and got to taste some of their offerings.


I started off my meal with soup. They have various soups to choose from. They have miso, clam chowder and hot and sour. I chose to get the hot and sour. It had a nice hint of spice. It had a good, thick broth.

After the soup, I hit up up the Asian food section. They have various Asian favorites such as orange chicken and beef with broccoli. The dishes I tried were savory and tasty.
I liked the chicken sticks from the Asian section. The chicken was perfectly crispy and tender.

Another crispy favorite of mine was the tempura. I tried the yam and the zucchini and found it to be crunchy and delish!
All the above entrees could be accompanied with their fried rice offering. I found the fried rice to be quite interesting because it had little chunks of raisins scattered throughout.
After the Asian section, the Brazilian section was my next stop! The crowd favorite seemed to be the bacon wrapped chicken and so I tried that. It was ok but a bit on the salty side! I liked the Brazilian sausage from this area so much better. The sausage was flavorful with a slight peppery kick.20130703-140459.jpg
My third stop at the buffet was the teppanyaki section. I tried a customary dish made with noodles, zucchini, mushrooms, red and green bell peppers, onions, garlic, steak and chicken. The noodles were soft. It was a fresh, fulfilling dish with all the ingredients mixed in.20130703-140531.jpg
My last but definitely not the least area to check out was the dessert area! They have chocolate fountain. You have your choice to dip marshmallows, cakes and fruits. I couldn’t resist dipping a strawberry!

Aside from the chocolate fountain, Vegas buffet has a frozen yogurt bar. I made a my own little fro-yo treat with pistachio and pomegranate frozen yogurt topped with nuts and fruit. I loved how thick and creamy the yogurt was.

The dessert does not end with the chocolate fountain and frozen yogurt bar because they have a variety of mini treats.

They have mango cheesecake. I found it so sweet and soft.

There is also sesame balls. They are so cute and crispy!

Their creme brûlée offering was excellent! It was also very soft and so creamy!
The bread pudding was another soft and tasty dessert.

The buffet also had nice little tiramisu cakes!

My favorite dessert was the mango pudding. It had a sweet, tangy mango taste consistent throughout the little dish. It was topped with lovely, colorful sprinkles.

All the different sections at Vegas buffet had tasty and delicious offerings. It’s nice to have a little bit of Vegas noms in the South Bay.

For more smiles, please see my recent yelp review on Vegas buffet.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. I was just thinking about Vegas Seafood Buffet earlier today (haven’t been yet)! Your post gave me a good preview. Looks like they have lots of good food!

  2. Jamie says:

    I went there and I didn’t eat as much as I should’ve. LOL. Their honey shrimp was good and their crab legs, but I know you and seafood, LOL.

  3. Jenn says:

    Ada/Jamie I only went for lunch and am actually going back for dinner later in the week with friends! I hear dinner is even more food 😮

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