Hello BamBiBu!

BamBiBu is a nice new little spot in Redondo Beach. I found this place thanks to Yelp and was excited to try it out. I’ve been on a ramen run for the longest time and when I heard about his new spot, I had to try it.


Walking in, I took notice right away how cute this place was. One wall is filed with origami of different sizes, shapes and colors! It adds such a neat and happy vibe to this restaurant!


When my friend and I sat down we were served our menus, drinks and the cutest chopsticks ever. The chopsticks were wrapped in origami paper! It’s a neat concept! The chopsticks match their origami decorations.


The menu here is comprised of starters (edamame, koro koro french fries and seaweed salad), rice sets (chicken teriyaki, karaage, tonkatsu and chicken katsu), ramen (tonkotsu, miso, shoyu, tsukemen), sushi and gyoza.

We decided to start our meal with gyoza. We got the regular gyoza which is filled with ground Berkshire pork, cabbage, brown onion, green onion, chives and special homemade seasoning. The gyoza was freshly made and fried. It was soft and very tasty! I find it neat and interesting that the pork used for their gyoza filling is imported from Canada!


We dipped our gyoza in vinegar and chili oil. The chili oil added quite a kick to these dumplings because it was spicy!


I chose to get the Karaage set. First up for the set was the miso soup! The miso soup was served nice and hot. It was very flavorful. I liked that it had several little pieces of tofu inside


The set comes with white rice but I chose to substitute the white rice with chashu meshi. The flavored rice was filled with tender pieces of sweet chashu. It had a distinct taste of soy sauce. This rice was very tasty.


The miso soup and the chashu meshi is already a lot of food but the Karaage set has even more food! There were several pieces of Japanese style fried chicken marinated in ginger, shoyu and garlic. On the side were a coleslaw type salad and pasta salad. The crispy chicken matched well with the yummy chashu meshi as well as the side salads. I liked how the chicken was crispy on the outside but soft in the inside.


Aside from the karaage set, I got to try a little bit of my friend’s shoyu ramen. I liked that it was chicken broth. It also had tender chashu pork. The ramen was filled with thick noodles.


Overall I liked this little new ramen spot in Redondo Beach. It has a cute and clean atmosphere, their offerings are neatly presented and their food is tasty!

For more smiles, please see my recent yelp review on BamBiBu.


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