Hello Ramen Hayatemaru!

I’m on the quest of finding even more good ramen places in the South Bay! After reading some of the Yelp reviews and seeing this place feature in the LA times food blog, I decided I needed to try this place out.


I came here during happy hour time! Both the regular menu and happy hour menu are filled with lots of good treats and yummy deals!

My friend and I each got the half white miso ramen. The white miso is one of the more popular items according to Yelp. (You can either get a whole size or half size but we chose half in order to save room for appetizers ;).

white miso

My friend and I had to get an order of gyoza! It was a must try because it was a special mention in the LA times food blog! They are soft and filled with delcious ground meat.


The best appetizer we ordered however was the fried chicken! These were served hot and crispy. It was super tasty! I love how they were flavorful without being salty. I know I will be ordering this again on a future trip!
fried chicken

Yay to another good spot in the South Bay! Yelp and the LA times food blog never fails to point this foodie in the right direction :).

For more smiles, please see my recent yelp review on Ramen Hayatemaru.


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