Hello The Standing Room!

There is a Filipino soap opera that I watch called Be Careful with My Heart and on the show there is a character who always says “OMG.” The character on the show says it really loud too like “OHHHHMYYYYGEEE.”
When I went to this small little place inside a liquor store, I was essentially like that character because I really did want to yell out “OHHHHMYYGEEE.” It’s a burger spot inside a liquor store! So unique and so “OHHHMYYGEEE” worthy!

You see the food at The Standing Room is stuff that will make folks be in awe. Their burgers are packed with flavor and have distinct taste. On a recent trip here, I tried the Napoleon. The Napoleon is one BIG burger worthy of a “OHHHHMYYGEEE” yell. It has a half pound burger pattie, bacon, smoked gouda, cheddar, caramelized onion, spring mix, braised short rib, fried egg, and truffle Parmesan Fries. That’s three types of meat, egg and fries! Fries in a burger and all that meat… so many ingredients, so many yummy flavors! “OHHHHMYGEE”


Aside from the Napoleon, my friend and I got a side of truffle Parmesan fries! Like the burger, the fries are intense. They serve it a large paper cone like wrapping. There’s a lot of fries sprinkled with plenty of parmesan. “OHHHMYGEE” πŸ˜‰


I was simply in awe at the big and tasty portions of the food that The Standing Room offered. I was so in awe that there was a moment where I was just “standing” there and saying…(you guessed it πŸ˜‰ “OHHHMYGEE” ;).

For more smiles, please see my recent yelp review on The Standing Room.


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