Hello Ichimi Ann Bamboo!

Ichimi Ann Bamboo is a sweet little restaurant in Old Torrance offering cold and hot soba and udon! I recently came here and loved that the majority of their offerings are vegetarian.

For my main entrée, I tried, the croquette soba. The soba is made with buckwheat noodles. The croquette is potato and is presented at the side. The croquette soba is great! The soba noodles are fresh and the broth was flavorful and warm! Likewise, the croquette was nice too. It was very crispy on the outside and the potato inside was creamy and soft.

For a side appetizer, I got tempura. It was basically one large crispy onion patty.


This place is great for a quick meal of freshly made noodles and yummy soup! The complimentary drinks of brown rice and barley tea are a nice touch as well!

For more about my experience at Ichimi Ann Bamboo, please read my yelp review here:



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