Hello and welcome!


Hello! Welcome to my new blog: “hello kitty foodie” :). You may wonder why I would do a food blog with a hello kitty theme and you can find out more in my about page but I will explain a little here too ;). Hello Kitty is a character full of happiness. Like hello kitty, food brings people together & makes people happy. Whether it be sweet food or spicy food, at the dinner table people are united in happiness, friendship and love! Just like how Hello Kitty aims to bring smiles and happiness to people, I hope to bring a bit of happiness to you via my blog posts and photos! It is a blog full of sugar, spice & hello kitty nice! Happy reading :).


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  1. kitty4u says:

    It was necessary for someone to write on this topic and you grabbed the heart of millions by taking the initiative which is enough to bring the evolution. Thanks for bringing it in light.

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