Hello Benihana Vegetarian eats!

Hello Benihana Vegetarian eats!

It’s the Lenten season again and for this Hello Kitty Foodie, it means no meat for 40 days. When this time of year comes around, I always wonder what my options are when dining out. This March, I had a Benihana certificate that I needed to use. I was at first a little worried that dining at Benihana would be a challenge for my Lent vegetarian diet. I was however happy to see that it was no challenge at all. There were plenty of meatless items that I could eat!

The vegetable roll is perfect for vegetarians and for the Lent! I am normally not a sushi eater because I’m not a fan of any kind of seafood. This sushi roll however had no crab meat or salmon that I normally see in sushi. It’s all veggies. It has green leaf, avocado, cucumber, tomato, red cabbage and yamagobo. Yay to no seafood! I think I may have found the perfect sushi for me.


Another great non- meat option was the vegetable tempura. I’ve always been a fan of Benihana’s tempura. The vegetable tempura consisted of fried veggies like zucchini, squash, calliflower and carrots. Fresh and hot, the tempura was delicious.


Today’s Benihana vegetarian eats is the first of many of my meatless dining adventures during Lent. I was happy to find Benihana’s various vegetarian options. Their non-meat dishes is equally as delicious as my other favorites here. I’m happy to be able to try something beyond my normal order of lunch boats and teppanyaki. Little surprises = a happy little hello kitty foodie.