Hello Wowa’s!

Hello Wowa’s!

I love lumpia! Lumpia or Filipino egg rolls is one of my favorite dishes ever. It simply reminds me of home and family gatherings. Just recently I discovered Wowa’s; a wonderful small business that offers a variety of different egg rolls.

Wowa’s offers Filipino Pork and Chicken Shanghai rolls. These are the classic egg rolls that is always present at Filipino parties. I love Wowa’s version because they really are just like the ones I fondly remember from my childhood. The small egg rolls are individually wrapped to achieve the maximum crunchiness when fried. I love how crispy these Shanghai rolls are. They are so addicting and you’ll definitely find yourself wanting to have more each time you bite into one. They are available in pack of 25, 50, or even 100 rolls and so there is definitely plenty of deliciousness to go around and be shared. Yum!

I love the Wowa’s Shanghai Rolls but my favorite offering is their Sontanghon rolls. I love these rolls that are stuffed with glass noodles. These Sontanghon rolls are packed with noodles and packed with flavors. Noodles and lumpia are both traditional Filipino food served at parties. Eating these Sontanghon rolls makes you feel like it’s party time at dinner time. I’ll celebrate anytime with these delightful treats. These are available in packs of 10.

Aside from Shanghai Rolls and Sontanghon rolls; Wowa’s also has Vegetable egg rolls and Lumpanisa! Their Lumpanisa is their latest offering and is a combo of lumpia and longanisa!

If you love lumpia like I do; Wowa’s is definitely one you need to check out. If you’re interested in getting some of these masarap eggrolls; you can find the Wowa’s on instagram via https://www.instagram.com/_wowas_/.

Do tell them Hello Kitty Foodie sent you ;).

Hello and Shop Small!

Hello and Shop Small!

Late last year; I featured on my blog some amazing small businesses making the cutest Hello Kitty masks. Aside from masks however; I’ve found some other great small businesses that make the most kawaii Hello Kitty accessories! I love supporting small businesses and hope you do too. ☺️ It’s tough times and supporting small is a great way to help out during these times. In this post I share some of my new favorite small businesses.

Mask Chains by Brandon

As an essential worker; I switch out my masks constantly and one of my favorite new accessories are masks chains! Mask Chains By Brandon is run by Nicole and her 8 year old son Brandon. They make the cutest personalized mask chains! I got one with my name as well as one with my blog name, Hello Kitty Foodie (with a special apple touch for Hello Kitty). Not only are the mask chains they make cute but they are for a good cause too! The proceeds from their sales are donated to Operation Smile for children in need of cleft palate surgery.

Nicole can customize mask chains with any color or theme that you want. They’re the perfect accessory for these mask wearing times.

BehbiBear Boutique

Speaking of personalized items; I am such a fan of BehbiBear Boutique. This shop makes personalized wooden charm/keychains (and yes they have Hello Kitty too!) I love their keychains and they make a great accessory for keys or even decorating my favorite purse.

Not only does BehbiBear Boutique make these unique wooden charm/keychains; they have even more kawaii items in their shop! My favorite are the Hello Kitty apple watch straps! What time is it? It’s Hello Kitty Foodie time!

Aside from wooden charm/keychains and watch straps; she has recently added baker cutting chopping charcuterie cheese boards (hmm the Hello Kitty Chef is my new favorite). I’ve also heard earrings are on the way and so keep your eye out for this shop. 🙂

Inner Euphoria

From cute mask chains to amazing apple watch straps; how about a kawaii Hello Kitty necklace? I recently got the most kawaii Hello Kitty necklace from Inner Euphoria. Her shop is all about channeling your inner happiness with trendy jewelry. This necklace truly brings me joy and I’m sure her other offerings will spark joy for you too.

I love how my necklace matches my Hello Kitty Con Behind the Bow figure. Ahh happiness!

DayDream By Katie

Masks are a must but how about some mask themed earrings? When I saw Hello Kitty mask earrings; I knew these were a must have.

Not only does DayDream By Katie make Hello Kitty earrings; she’s got some Kerropi ones too in her shop. Friends let friends wear masks and so Hello Kitty needed a friend via Keroppi ;). These are perfect for the times.

Artistic Flavorz

It’s no secret that I’m a big boba fan and so when I saw Hello Kitty boba themed earrings and stickers; I instantly became a fan of Artistic Flavorz. These are my favorite pair to wear during a boba take out run.

Artistic Flavorz is also run by such nice, funny, talented couple; Jojo and Ernie! They’ve got more than just Hello Kitty boba themed items though. They have lots of other Sanrio characters too (including classic characters like Pippo, Ahiru No Pekkle). I hear my other favorite Sanrio character Wish Me Mel maybe coming soon too.

Lemon Daisy Universe

Equal to my love of boba is my love of coffee! When I saw Hello Kitty coffee themed earrings; I knew I had to get my caffeine earring fix hehe.

I love the details of these earrings. It looks like there is even real coffee in the cup. These earrings are a great way to “Espresso” myself!

Alyssa’s Krafty Korner

If you haven’t noticed by now; I love accessories with a Hello Kitty food theme! (Hmm I wonder why? Hehe). Well this Hello Kitty Foodie is a fan of macarons and anything pink. Alyssa’s Krafty Korner has the perfect pretty in pink accessories via Hello Kitty macaron earrings.

These earrings are so sweet! They’re great to wear for takeout trips to my favorite local bakery.

The above are some of my favorite small businesses that I have recently supported. If you’re looking for kawaii; look no further than the shops above. Let’s all shop small and support one another! :). If you end up shopping and finding some cute things from the above shops; do tell them Hello Kitty Foodie sent you. I would also love to see what you got! :). Drop me a line at hellokittyfoodie@gmail.com or on my instagram @ https://www.instagram.com/hellokittyfoodie/

Happy shopping small!

Hello The Embotidos!

Hello The Embotidos!

One of my favorite Filipino foods is embotido. Embotido is a Filipino meatloaf often served during holidays.

I have fond memories of eating embotido at family parties. Now however there is no need to wait for holidays or family parties to have embotido; because The Embotidos ; a Filipino small business is making embotidos for everyone to enjoy at home any time! The Embotidos makes getting embotidos so easy! They travel to different Southern California cities. When it’s in a city near you; you simply place and order online and then you will go to the designated pick up spot!

They’ve got several different types of embotidos to choose from: Classic Porky, Four Cheese Porky, Spicy Nori Porky, Classic Chicken, Four Cheese Chicken, Spicy Nori Chicken and Spicy Nori Chicken. This Lent; they also have a limited special via their Crimp Nori Roll.

The Classic versions are just like the ones I remember at family parties. No extras, simply classic Filipino style meatloaf. This really does remind me of the homemade embotidos my auntie makes. I am a fan.

If you want a little bit of unique; then the Four Cheese or the Spicy Nori is for you. The Four Cheese has a cheesy surprise inside the Classic roll! In the middle is four gourmet cheeses. It’s oh so cheesy and so tasty. It’s my personal favorite.

The Nori Roll is another special embotido that many folks like. It’s the classic wrapped in Nori (seaweed). For those who want a little bit of spice; this one gives you that fiery flavor.

Last but definitely not least for this Lenten Season is the limited edition Crimp Nori Roll. It is the first ever seafood roll in the history of embotido-rolling. It is completely meatless and thus perfect for this upcoming Holy week.

I am such a fan of Embotidos and can’t wait till they roll on over again to my city so I can get more of their rolls. 🙂

If you’re interested in getting some of these masarap embotidos; you can find the Embotidos on instagram via https://www.instagram.com/theembotidos/ Do tell them Hello Kitty Foodie sent you ;).