Hello Aggretsuko’s Den of Rage!

Hello Aggretsuko’s Den of Rage!

Just recently I wrote on this blog a post about the new animated Netflix series, Aggretsuko! In celebration of the launch of the amazing show, Aggretsuko has some very special events planned for us! The first of this is her taking over Sanrio’s Japanese Village shop in Little Tokyo.


I attended the opening up of the pop this Friday, May 4 and was simply in awe! The first thing that you will see is Aggretsuko’s office space.


We all know Aggretsuko is a sweet red panda who struggles to make it through her day job at one of Tokyo’s most respected trading companies. We get to experience her office days first hand as we see her desk! Her super cute desk that has photos of her with her friends, a neat Hello Kitty calendar as well all the paperwork she’s assigned too (sigh! Rage!!!)


As we’ve seen in the netflix series; her bosses are unsympathetic and give her harsh deadlines! All around her desk are her coworkers. Director Ton is bossing her around. Secretary Washimi is watching over her and then there is nosy Fenneko.

What is a red panda to do when she is pushed to her limit??  She goes into rage mode at the Den of Rage!


Sanrio Japanese Village; the 800 square foot retail space in downtown L.A. has been transformed into Aggretsuko’s Den of Rage.  Here Aggretsuko freely goes into “rage mode” and channels her frustration through heavy metal karaoke sessions.


All of us fans can rage along with her for two weeks until May 16! Not only will we get channel our inner red panda we will also have the opportunity to shop the largest selection of new imported and exclusive Aggretsuko merchandise in the world


Aggetsuko’s office space and Den of Rage is truly a sight to see! Hurry on over to Sanrio Japanese Village and be a part of our favorite red panda’s world!

Hello #SeasonedGreetings from Gudetama!

Hello #SeasonedGreetings from Gudetama!

It’s the most egg-cellent time of the year and our favorite lazy egg is bringing us some egg-ceptionally cute ways to celebrate!

Starting today, December 2, Sanrio Japanese Village will be opening up the Gudetama Holiday Shop and our egg-cellent friend, Gudetama Santa is the star.


Fans can meet, greet and take photos with cutest egg Santa ever with some very special photo packages that are available for purchase. Each photo package is an egg-cellent deal full of cuteness.

  • Hard Boiled -$8 photo package that includes photo card with printed picture and two Gudetama paper crowns
  • Over Easy- $15 photo package that includes a printed picture, a photo frame card, a Gudetama paper crown, and a Gudetama ornament
  • Poached – $25 photo package that includes photo card with printed picture, two Gudetama paper crowns, a Gudetama plush ornament and a Gudetama tote bag

Aside from the photo packages,  Gudetama also has some special holiday products that will make for some gude- gifts.  Among the egg-citing offerings are a Gudetama tree topper, a Gudetama 8 Ball and the new book Eggisential Thoughts by Gudetama the Lazy egg!


The Gudetama Holiday Shop will be located inside the Sanrio Japanese Village where the Sanrio Kawaii mart was.  This village will be there from December 2 to December 17. Fa-la, la la…don’t be la-lazy and miss out because it will sure be a gude Christmas with Gudetama!


Hello Grand Re-opening of Sanrio Japanese Village and Sanrio Kawaii Mart!

Hello Grand Re-opening of Sanrio Japanese Village and Sanrio Kawaii Mart!

Ring…ring! Hello? Hello Kitty!


Ringing in the cutest news to hit this summer is the grand reopening of the Sanrio store at Japanese Village! Located in Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo, this place has been a favorite spot of mine and many Hello Kitty Foodies who are looking for the cutest and best Sanrio merchandise!

The grand-reopening kicked off Thursday with a  VIP party and the official grand opening was this Friday, August 18, 2017!


Walking into the newly remodeled store, one is instantly hit with cuteness overload.


I love seeing Hello Kitty and friends up above welcoming everyone! Hello; Hello Kitty, Keroppi, My Melody, Chococat, Tuxedo Sam, Badtz Maru, Kiki and Lala!


It is true Hello Kitty heaven in here!


The cuteness continues on as more of our favorite characters are all over the store! I have to admit, I am super egg-cited!


Meh…can’t be lazy, must buy some Gudetama merchandise ;).


No reason to be an angry panda today!


Aggretsuko gets lots of love at Sanrio Japanese Village!


As one makes their way back to the store, there is a very special surprise in store! The Sanrio store has a new gigantic spot in the back that will be used throughout the year for special pop-up shops, events and more! The first pop up there is the Sanrio Kawaii Mart.


The Sanrio Kawaii Mart is a supercute convince store-styled market that was inspired from the Hello Kitty Yata Supermarket in Hong Kong. Sanrio Kawaii Mart has a Sanrio products for every Hello Kitty fan’s every day needs.

“Donut 🍩” worry! If you need a little sweetness in your life, you can find it here.


Ham, eggs, cheese and Hello Kitty 🍔? Please give me all the toppings.


You will be sure to be Hello Kitty happy when you are Hello Kitty hungry.


There’s plenty of Sanrio goodies from baking products to candies and beverages!


Drinking is delightful and delicious with Kawaii soda!


It’s always cute and cold with Kawaii ice too!


Beep, beep, everyone’s cute Hello Kitty car needs are covered here as well!IMG_2039

Lastly, you can always be Hello Kitty pretty with all the healthy and beauty products offered here.


If you get hungry, while shopping. Why not grab some Hello Kitty candy?


For everyone’s shopping pleasure there are lots of Sanrio Kawaii Mart baskets to put all your goodies in.


Also, you want to be sure to grab a Sanrio Kawaii Mart re-useable bag.


I got one for myself because you know this Hello Kitty Foodie will be back. 😉


I’ll be sure to bring some friends along as well for next time. Hmm, I think I will write them using some Sanrio Kawaii Mart postcards!


What can I say? Sanrio Kawaii Mart is super kawaii!


Sanrio Kawaii Mart will be open till the fall and the grand opening festivities of Sanrio Japanese Village will continue this weekend and the following weekend, August 25-August 27, 2017. There will be  giveaways  and gifts with purchase! Hello Kitty may even be there to say hi. 😉


Arigato for reading! I hope to see you all soon at the new Sanrio Japanese Village and Sanrio Kawaii Mart. 🙂


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