Hello Hopdoddy Burger Bar at The Point!

Hello Hopdoddy Burger Bar at The Point!

Who’s your doddy? 😉

Hello Kitty Foodie found herself hoppin’ back to  El Segundo today to check out Hopdoddy Burger Bar, the newest restaurant at The Point.


Popular in Austin, Texas, Hopdoddy is now in the South Bay bringing their perfect union of burgers and handcrafted beer. Their name actually comes from the Handcrafted Beer (Hop) and (Doddy), the nickname given to the native cow in Aberdeen, Scotland. Everything is made daily in-house from their french fry sauces to their in house grind black angus beef to their freshly baked hamburger buns!

Hello Kitty Foodie was so lucky to be part of a special friends and family preview today! I was so happy to get a special first glance at this newest burger joint!

Every Hopdoddy experience starts out with fries first! The truffle fries here come with aioli sauce. You however can also request special sauces such as their Chipotle ketchup and their ranch dressing!

I really loved their truffle fries! it was crispy and fresh and sprinkled with lots of truffle. The aioli sauce is perfect for dipping. This was my favorite dipping sauce. The Chipotle ketchup came as a close second. It’s a ketchup with a slightly sweet kick! Even without the sauces however, the fresh fries are terrific.


As delicious as the fries were, I had to save room their famous burgers! I was so excited to try the burgers here and right from the start i was impressed. They use all natural ingredients and you can personally see them grinding all their meat in house. No hormones, all natural, the burgers are made with the best ingredients!

I learned from the general manager that the Primetime burger is an award winning burger and decided to try this! When this was served, I could instantly see why this burger has gotten so many rave reviews. It’s one delicious and messy burger consisting of Texas Akaushi Beef, brie cheese, truffle aioli, arugula, caramelized onions, and steak sauce. The sweetness of the caramelized onions, the melted brie cheese and the truffle aioli all came together to bring a saucy sweetness and flavorful delight to this burger! Similarly, the deliciousness was enhanced with the thick and moist beef patty and the soft baked buns.


Aside from the Primetime burger, another classic favorite here is their Magic Shroom burger! My friend got this and Ioved it’s simple goodness. This burger has angus beef, local goat cheese, field mushrooms, mayo and basil pesto! If you love mushrooms this burger is for you. It had a generous serving of fresh and tasty mushrooms. Similar to the Primetime was the hefty and juicy meat patty!


It’s not all about burgers here though because Hopdoddy has excellent drinks! They’ve got a good selection of drinks on tap, sips for adults, sweet shakes, maine root sodas, iced teas and lemonade.

I personally tried their ginger lemonade and found it to be amazing! It’s refreshing and not too sweet. It’s great for the hot summer days!


Aside from the ginger lemonade, I got to try their shakes! I am a big lemon fan and when one of the servers recommended the Lemon Olive Oil Biscotti, I knew i had to try it. I instantly fell in love with this shake when it came out.  A lovely lemon concoction was presented to me! It’s a thick milkshake filled with house made ice cream, lemon, local extra virgin olive oil and topped with a biscotti and whip cream. Great tart flavor with bits candied lemon rind inside, this was a very good dessert!


Hopdoddy Burger Bar gave Hello Kitty Foodie plenty of reasons to smile today! Their burgers are some of the best I’ve ever had! The truffle fries were equally amazing as well as their ginger lemonade and their shakes! i love this new addition at The Point! What can I say, I am a Doddy’s girl. 😉

For more smiles, please see my recent Yelp review on Hopdoddy Burger Bar!

Hello OC Fair 2014!

Hello OC Fair 2014!

Two years ago I attended my very first OC Fair. Since it was my first time there, I found fair food so interesting. Deep fried what? Chocolate covered what? It was all so fascinating for a first time fair go-er like me. During that trip I found myself having a Krispy Kreme chicken sandwich. It was fair food to the finest! Unique, fun and something I would only try once!

This year I found myself at the OC Fair once again but instead of going for the funky fair dishes like deep fried Doritos or chocolate covered bacon, I stuck to more traditional (and normal) fair food. This year’s chosen dish
was the “Fair special.” It is a plate filled with chicken tenders, onion rings and fried zucchini! Everything was perfectly fried to be golden brown and crispy. The zucchini curls with it’s somewhat sweet batter and juicy interior were the best, especially when dipped with the accompanying creamy ranch sauce. The plate was packed and perfect for sharing with friends!


When it came to dessert, I opted out of my original choice of a deep fried red velvet cake (I had to skip out because I already had too much deep fried stuff via the “Fair special.”) and instead stuck with a peach milkshake! It’s peach season and this was the perfect peach drink. It was a hot day and this milkshake was refreshing and cool! It even had chunks of peach slices inside.


Though I didn’t have any of the “interesting” food at this year’s fair, I still enjoyed my food and dessert choices. I also had a lot of overall! It was a fun day filled with food, games, friends, shows and even some Hello Kitty! 🙂


Hello shake showdown!

Hello shake showdown!

Ahh the difficult questions that life throws at your sweet journey ;)….

While out with my cousins during this last holiday season, my cousins and I were faced with a very tough decision while taking a break from a holiday shopping spree…which milkshake flavor should we get at the diner we were at ;)? Gasp! Black cherry or piña colada? Pistachio or cookies and cream? Ahhhh! (Insert: giggles here :D!) While we finally picked out shake flavors then, (I picked black cherry while my cousins picked banana and Oreo), we found ourselves with making another sweet decision while in Vegas ;). This time though it was not just a pick of which flavors to get but which food place to choose as well? 😉

Right at the heart of Red Rock Resort and Casino, is a Ben and Jerry’s and a Fatburger. We were faced between choosing from the various Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream flavors and the Fatburger shake types.

In the end, we got one Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey shake and one Fatburger red velvet shake.


How did the two compare? See below 😉

Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey: $5.25
Fatburger’s Red Velvet: $4.34

Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey: large shake topped with whipped cream
Fatburger’s Red Velvet: small and simple (no whip cream)

Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey: little bits of chocolate mixed in vanilla ice cream
Fatburger’s Red Velvet: smooth, smoothie like red velvet base

Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey: bold banana flavor in the beginning till the dark Oreo chocolate bits will start filling the taste buds
Fatburger’s Red Velvet: sweet red velvet flavor that tastes like a red velvet cupcake in liquid form

Overall the simple red velvet shake from Fatburger won me over. I’ve always been a red velvet fan and this could be why. The shake was full of sweet and creamy red velvet flavor. I was impressed however with the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream base and nice presentation. Ben and Jerry’s shake felt like a sundae versus a shake. Ahh the tough decisions one must make while on vacation ;). Overall both shakes were sweet treats for my cousin and I :). Life is sweet, after all :).