Hello Caps and Corks: LA Street Foods!

Hello Caps and Corks: LA Street Foods!

Just this February 2020; I wrote about Caps and Corks a newly opened liquor store in Torrance, California that was offering some amazing food via breakfast burritos and submarine sandwiches. Their food quickly gained a lot of popularity in the South Bay community and beyond. Now there’s another reason for foodies to rejoice as Caps and Corks recently just debuted a new LA Street Foods menu!

It was just Cinco de Mayo this week and the timing could not have been more perfect to try the new tacos that are part of their LA Street Foods Menu. It was a double celebration as it was not only Cinco de Mayo but also Taco Tuesday!

They offer three types of street tacos; carne asada, pollo or al pastor. All the street tacos are on corn tortillas with the customer’s chosen meat along with toppings of cilantro, onion and spicy or mild salsa.

Happy Cinco de Mayo indeed as these tacos were quite tasty! I tried all the meats and thought each one had it’s own unique flavor. I would have to say though my favorite was the Al Pastor as I thought the seasoning really stuck out. The pork was also perfectly tender. I will definitely be back for these tacos regardless of whether it is (taco) Tuesday or not.

Another reason for me to come back to Caps and Corks is to try the rest of their new LA Street Foods menu. In addition to tacos they have burritos; quesadillas and hot diggity dogs! Yes! You read it right they’re offering a variety of different hot dogs offered the same way as what you’d find at your local LA street vendor back in the day (pre-quarantine!) and yes this includes bacon wrapped hot dogs!

The new additions to Caps and Corks menu are definitely a fiesta for the tummy and can’t wait to try the other offerings.

Hello waffle tacos!

Hello waffle tacos!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

What better way to start off Cinco de Mayo then with a nice breakfast of ….drum roll please…..waffle tacos! (Insert giggles here) πŸ™‚

When Taco Bell rolled out their breakfast menu early this year, I knew I had to check out the waffle tacos! I’ve tried Bruxies’ waffle specialities and Jack in the Box’s waffle breakfast sandwich in the past. I’ve always been intrigued with the uniqueness of waffle creations and wanted to see how Taco Bell’s version came out.

Taco Bell has two types of waffle tacos: a sausage version and a bacon version. (A third version with no meat can be requested.) Luckily, I came with a friend and so I was able to try both the bacon and the sasauge.

The first waffle taco I got to try was the sausage version. I was actually surprised at how small the actual size of the waffle taco was. It is comparable in size to a waffle that you would put in your toaster at home. For the sausage version, they have a sausage patty that is equivalent in size to the waffle. The waffle itself wraps around the sausage and then cheese and scrambled egg is sprinkled on top. Syrup comes on the side.

At first bite, I could taste a slight sweetness in the waffle. I expected the waffle to be more on the crispy side but it was not. The sausage itself offset the waffle. The slight saltiness of the sausage made this waffle taco seem like your normal breakfast sandwich.


I was surprised to find myself like the bacon version better. Same concept as the sausage taco with scrambled eggs and cheese but the bacon itself were little bacon bits. The bacon was nice, crispy and good in flavor. I found the bacon waffle taco to be the more tasty winner of the combination of sweet and savory over the sausage.


As Cinco de Mayo bonus treat, my friend and I also got to try the Cinnabon delights. These are balls similar to donut holes. They are filled with Cinnabon frosting and sprinkled with Makara cinnamon sugar. It’s like a churro shaped like a ball! It’s a good dessert but one was more than enough for me because it is rather sweet!


All in all, Taco Bell’s waffle tacos are an ok addition to the world of waffle wonders. πŸ˜‰ They’re no Bruxie but for a $1.99, who can complain? Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Hello Cinco de Mayo!

Hello Cinco de Mayo!

Hello Kitty Foodie wishes everyone a very happy Cinco de Mayo!

It felt like a fiesta today when I dined at a local favorite, Acapulco, for Cinco de Mayo! I got to try some old favorites and some new ones.

The meal started off with some complimentary chips and salsa.


Next up was trying their soups. There were two choices today, menudo or pozole. I chose the pozole which had plenty of maize and shredded chicken. I topped it with cilantro and red tortilla strips.


There was also a yummy fajita bar. The choices were chicken, carne asada and carnitas. I chose the chicken. I liked the onions, bell peppers that were mixed in with the charboiled chicken.


There was also a taco bar today but I chose to not make a full taco but instead just tried a little bit of the pollo al carbon and pork al pastor. Both were very flavorful.


My favorites at Acapulco are in the desserts however.

They have the best sweet corn tamale. It is so soft and sweet. It just melts in your mouth.

I also liked the churros, crispy bunuelos and banana chocolate chimichangas.
It was crispy sweet goodness all around!



Last but not least for dessert was the flan! The flan was such a great surprise for me. It was really creamy and light!

For drinks I tried the chocolate de abuelita! It was my first time drinking this here and you could really taste the touch of cinammon.


I also tried a little bit of the Agua de Jamaica. It is such a refreshing drink!


This Acapulco feast made for one happy cinco de mayo! I’m adding this to my list of fiesta eat experiences here!

For more smiles, please see my recent yelp review on Acapulco.